Top Benefits of Bass Fly Fishing for Older Adults

Some of us senior citizens are still quite adventurous and even seek some form of challenge. Try fly fishing smallmouth or largemouth bass! Or trout and carp are also plentiful freshwater fish. You choose how much exercise to do on any given trip, from the trek to the water to how often you move positions. 

 Fun & Healthy Hobby (Improved Attitude)

Numerous senior-friendly cities around the U.S. have freshwater with incredible opportunities to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass. A wonderful hobby for older adults, between the physical fitness involved in fly casting and the mental puzzle to solve what bass flies get the bites. No matter where you live or travel, fly fishing can benefit a senior’s lifestyle in countless ways.

 Picture it. You head to the lake, river or creek, tackle box preloaded with a wide selection of bass fly patterns to be ready for various environments and weather. You venture into or around the water looking for a promising spot. After deciding the right bass flies and casting your line, you’ll use a combination of patience and skill to trick the fish into a bite. Both largemouth and smallmouth bass will put up a bit of a fight, but before long you’ll land something worth bragging about.

 Still not convinced fly fishing for bass could be your pastime? Perhaps these health and wellness tips will be the encouragement you need.

 Low-Impact Exercise (Easy on the Joints)

Trying to catch fish may not sound like exercise, but it truly is after you try multiple approaches and combinations. Fly fishing is a type of low-impact exercise, which is ideal for older adults. Prepping your lines and preferred bass fly patterns and then targeting the fish over and over gets your heart rate up, which improves circulation, lowers your blood pressure and alleviates stress, as well as helps build strength and reduces the risks of musculoskeletal injuries. That means seniors can get a full-body workout without excessive strain on their joints or hearts.

 Fresh Air (Improved Lung Health)

The buildup of dust and dander floats around, negatively impacting the air quality and respiratory health. Since breathing fresh air is vital for healthy lung function, fly fishing in the great outdoors is a great remedy. The aforementioned physical benefits that get your heart rate up also open the lungs for enhanced respiratory health. Yet, whether you spend a few hours taking in the scenery and reading a book right near home, or out at the creek practicing techniques and testing different bass fly patterns, having outdoor hobbies is an excellent way for older adults to reap the healing benefits of fresh air.

 Patience and Concentration (Mindfulness and Mental Health)

In addition to physical benefits, fly fishing serves as a form of mindfulness that can enhance mental health and cognitive functions. Seniors can escape life’s stresses to enjoy the simplicities and beauties of nature. The combination of calming water and picturesque views all while meticulously focusing on how to lure savvy fish is like nutrition for the mind, body and soul. In addition to clearing your mind, the intentional repetition of casting with different methods and various bass flies will exercise your concentration and patience.

Companionship (Social Interaction)

Since social isolation and loneliness are common mental health problems for older adults, taking a fly fishing trip with friends and family can help lift their spirits­. It’s a great way to spend time with those you care about most. Imagine teaching your grandkids how to prep their line with leader and tippet, select bass flies appropriately, and then try various casting techniques. Alternately, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to catch up with friends and have a good laugh. 

 Senior citizens can simultaneously enhance both their minds and bodies. Fly fishing offers a practical remedy to many side effects of aging, from stronger physical health to sharpened cognitive abilities to improved social lives. So why not invite someone along, fill your tackle box with an assortment of bass fly patterns and just head out to explore some local waters in your area.