Best Tech for Older Generations

It’s taken a long time, but many of our older parents are starting to catch up and learn how to use smartphones properly. It’s taken a lot of frustration and explaining, but we finally got them there. Unfortunately, there are still plenty more tech gadgets that would make their lives so much easier if they were more open to using them. It will take some time, but we both know it will be for the best. In case you don’t know where to start in the exploration of new devices for your parents, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best tech for older generations.


There’s a good chance that your parents enjoy reading books. Even if they’re not avid readers with extensive collections, they probably have a few they like to read now and again. If this is the case, you should try to convince them to get an e-reader. There are so many versions on the market these days, so there must be at least one that would be perfect for them.

If you really can’t seem to convince them, try buying them one for their birthday that has some of their favorites already loaded onto it. When they try it, they might love it and save so much room on book space.

Video Calling Devices

For those elderly parents who haven’t quite figured out how to video call on their phones yet, video calling devices might be the answer. They are much more simplistic and easier to use since that is the only thing they are used for. You would be hard-pressed to find a grandparent unwilling to give one of these a shot since it’s an excellent way for them to see their grandkids whenever they want.

Streaming Sticks

We really want to highlight this option in our list of the best tech for older generations because we know your parents are probably still overpaying for cable. We’re pretty sure the only reason cable companies are still around is due to the fact that older people haven’t figured out streaming yet.

Buying one of the many different streaming sticks that are on the market for your parents should help ease them into it. You should log in to your own subscriptions on the device. That way, they can get a taste of it. If they find out they like streaming, you can help them sign up for whichever streaming services they are most interested in having.


If your parents have a good handle on their smartphone and want to be able to do more with it, you should suggest a smartwatch to them. There’s a good chance they still wear a regular watch already, so replacing it with a smart one wouldn’t be a huge transition for them. Having a smartwatch opens up so many more possibilities for them.

It’s even more useful if they’re starting to have problems with dementia. There are many benefits that smartwatches can bring to dementia patients and their loved ones that are going through it with them. Regardless of the reason though, we’re sure your parents would really enjoy what these watches would allow them to do.