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What are the types of rehab services available?

Rehabilitation is defined as: the action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness.

When a senior needs rehabilitation after a surgery, accident or illness, you will need to consider a nursing home, rehab center or home care to help them.

Some facilities provide inpatient Rehabilitation Services (physical, occupational, speech, respiratory, etc.) during a short intermidiate stay following hospitalization. THis is normally knows as short-term Rehab. Many Nursing Homes offer this service. Some even have a separate wing or area for these patients including a separate entrance, dining area, etc. so rehab patients are mixed in with the nursing home residents.

Acute Inpatient Rehab is offered at facilities (normally rehabilitation hospitals) accredited by the Joint Commission, for patients who require intensive, interdisciplinary rehabilitation services. Such inpatient programs are designed to improve function, and promote each patient’s highest degree of independence.

Rehabilitation Licensing, Certification & Accreditation

Rehab Units and rehab. hospitals are licensed and accredited differently per state. Rehab. units in nursing homes are usually licensed as nursing homes, while Rehab. Hospitals are usually licensed as hospitals and as mentioned above, can be accredited by different organizations. Some home health providers also offer rehab. thru therapists that come into a seniors home. Those providers should be licensed as home care providers and all therapists should be licensed and/or certified.

Rehab Costs

For Seniors Rehab is usually covered partially by Medicare. Each plan deems what type of rehab is needed by injury/illness. Make sure to check your plan coverage before choosing a provider unless you are willing to pay out of pocket for the stay and services.



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Nursing home(s) for short term stays possibly avoidable if a ‘Swing Bed’ is available at your hospital

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