The 7 Best Cities in the U.S. for Seniors

Ever wondered if where you’re living is the best place for you to live? What if there was somewhere else that you could go? 

Many of the older generations tend to live where they retired, but you don’t have to do that. There are so many great places for you to find your forever home. 

Maybe you’re looking for a home near the ocean or maybe you’re looking to live in a rural area. There are so many options it can be overwhelming to figure out which place is right for you. In this article, we’ll break down the top 7 cities for people ages 55 and up to live. 

#1 – Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota is located off the Gulf Coast and is perfect for anyone looking to escape big city living. There’s a ton of things to do, including exploring beaches, experiencing the city’s diverse cuisine, and enjoying the art and culture.

A lot of attractions that are downtown are within walking distance, but if you need to drive, there is car insurance for seniors that is cheap and affordable in Sarasota.

Sarasota is the perfect place for folks who just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is best known for its beaches, great foods, and fantastic art. This would be a great place for grandchildren to come and visit their grandparents. 

#2 – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster is a lot different than Sarasota but is just as beautiful. This town is located toward the border of Pennsylvania and Maryland. There’s an endless expanse of farmland, and the county is famous for being the home of the Amish. There’s a lot of history in this city and, as a result, a lot of museums and things to learn. 

The Amish market has amazing produce and goods for sale. You can go horseback riding or ride in buggies. There’s so much to do and explore. 

Just an FYI, Lancaster is hilly and it may make travel difficult for some. Here are some tips for traveling with a cane.

This is a great place for people who are interested in good food and history and are looking for a more rustic and rural lifestyle.

#3 – San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is the closest thing to a big city without actually being a big city. It’s best known for its many attractions. Located in the heart of Texas, San Antonio is a great place to do fun activities with grandchildren. The San Antonio Zoo is a great place for grandparents and their grandchildren to spend time together and make memories.

There are tons of restaurants from Mexican and barbecue to American and Italian. There are museums and parks to learn the history of San Antonio. There’s a lot of art as well. 

For those with adventurous grandchildren, there’s even a SeaWorld and a Six Flags. San Antonio is perfect for those who are retired and have the time to enjoy all of what this city has to offer. 

Need help figuring out how to retire? These four essential retirement planning tips might help you.

#4 – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids is a great place for seniors who are into the arts. This city is located close to Lake Michigan. It is best known for the Grand River and its furniture manufacturing. There are so many theaters and museums to choose from. 

This city is also a perfect place for people who are into boating, paddling, fishing, and golfing. There are beautiful parks to walk in and trails to trek on foot or on a bike. Staying active in Grand Rapids can help you stay healthy so you can find the best life insurance company for seniors.

For those who are not so active, there are plenty of places to eat and drink. Grand Rapids even has a food trail that you can either walk or drive, depending on your physical limitations. There’s also a wine tour available. 

#5 – El Paso, Texas

El Paso — not to be confused with El Paso County in Colorado — is located close to the border of Mexico. This city is known for its 302 days of sunshine and tasty Tex-Mex cuisine. 

Like the different cities listed above, this city has a lot of fun things to do. There’s a plethora of museums, a zoo, and some casinos. There are also a lot of vineyards to explore.

For when the grandchildren visit, there is an Adventure Zone, American Eagle Paintball, and so much more. You can also walk or bike along the Rio Grande. 

You’re not far at all from New Mexico, so you could also take the grandchildren to the White Sands National Monument. 

All in all, this is a great place for people who prefer sunshine and good food. For those of you who need help staying active after retirement, El Paso might just have what you need. . 

#6 – Charlotte, North Carolina

Nestled on the border of North and South Carolina, Charlotte is a great place for those who are looking to find a lower cost of living. Charlotte is best known for sports. Here you can find the Carolina Panthers Stadium and the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

This is another great place for seniors to have their grandchildren come to visit. There’s the Billy Graham Library, the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, and for more adventurous activity, there’s Carowinds, a fun amusement park. Charlotte might be a perfect place for you if you enjoy the above-mentioned attractions. 

#7 – Chattanooga, Tennessee

At the base of Tennessee, Chattanooga has a lot to offer people looking to retire and find their forever home. Best known for its high-speed internet, this town is great for older people who worked or are still working in the tech field. It’s also a great place to be outside and enjoy nature.

Some of the attractions include Ruby Falls, the Tennessee Aquarium, and the Hunter Museum of American Art. There’s also a lot to do by the Tennessee River. For example, you can go and enjoy a ride on the riverboat.

Chattanooga not only has great attractions, but it has delicious food as well. The city has a wide selection of food to choose from. It even has the Chattanooga Pints and Pedal where you can explore the hotspots of the town just by biking with friends or family. This town might just be right for you if any of these catch your eye.

 These cities are great places to live. Each one has its own character and charm. There are so many places that I didn’t mention that are great places to live if you’re 55 and up. 

Don’t be afraid to do your own research and see which location is best for you. This country is filled with a vast variety of places to live. My best wishes to you as you enjoy your forever home — wherever that might be.

Peyton Leonard writes and researches for the auto insurance site, Peyton is passionate about traveling and seeing new places.