Continuing Care Retirement Communities for Seniors

What is a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community)?

A CCRC or continuing care retirement community combines independent living, assisted living and nursing care, and sometimes memory care in a single setting. You can start on the independent level and progress as need be, staying on one campus. These communities normally require an entry fee and offer a living unit and health care up to the nursing level.

Many CCRCs are non-profit organizations and guarantee care thru the life of their residents, even if they run out of money.

Services in the different “communities” include transportation, meals, activities,housekeeping, laundry, and more. Many also offer a large list of social clubs. Ask for a list when you call or visit.

Some states license CCRCs as such, where others license the programs providing care (assisted living &nursing). Learn more about how your state licenses senior communities and care agencies.

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myLifeSite – a website with in-depth reports on hundreds of CCRCs in multiple states plus a financial calculator specially designed for those considering moving to a retirement community who want to better understand whether it is financially viable over the long-term.

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