Tips to Stay Healthy and Happy at an Older Age

You get some great benefits as you get older, such as retirement and the freedom to do things you enjoy. Sometimes, the biggest hurdle to staying healthy and happy at an older age is figuring out what that looks like for you. After all, you’ve spent most of your years working and tending to a family. Now it’s your time. Make the most of it by allowing yourself to focus on the following thoughts.

Manage Stress

Yes, it’s possible to manage stress rather than letting it overwhelm you. We live in a stressed-out society, with everyone scrambling this way and that way. Whatever the stressor is in your life, you should find a way to handle it. If you can get rid of it completely, please do so. If not, create a habit of turning to what relaxes you so you can take a break from thinking about your stress.

It might be a great book, playing music, or cooking a favorite meal. Do whatever works well for taking your mind off of other things. Find that outlet and run to it when you feel the stress in your bones.


Aren’t we horrible at allowing ourselves time to rest? There is an added pressure as we age to prove we aren’t too tired. The thing is, we are tired, right along with every other age group. And that’s okay. Our bodies need rest. Listen to yours and rest when you need it for better health and overall happiness.

Stay Physically Active

Keep moving however you can. Everyone is different when it comes to staying active. A walk around the block is enough for some people to brighten their day and keep the blood flowing. Others still love to run 5k races. It’s up to you what physical activities you do. Don’t compare yourself to everyone else; just stay active in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Stay Balanced

Maintaining balance is easiest when we’re young. Then, as we age, it gets a little tougher unless we stay focused on not letting it disappear. It may not seem like a big deal, but balance helps prevent future falls and increases flexibility in all movement. Fall prevention exercises and activities that involve balance are important to stay healthy and happy at an older age.


Don’t get too comfortable just staying in every weekend. Socializing lifts our spirits and is great for stimulating conversation. It may look different than it used to but keep getting together with friends and family to enjoy laughter and make some memories. If you’re in a nursing home, interact with other residents. If you’re living at home, make an effort to meet with friends frequently.

Getting older is a privilege and a time you can enjoy. With our tips to stay healthy and happy at an older age, you can make this stage of life fulfilling and full of joy.