Must-Have Tools to Improve Senior Quality of Life

The aging process can come with hardships and trials. However, plenty of things can alleviate some of these issues, whether they’re used in assisted living facilities or in-home care for parents. Here are some of the must-have tools to improve senior quality of life.


Although it might seem simple, a good cane is one of the best things you can get to help mobility. The only trick is knowing when you need a cane. Regaining the ability to walk with less trouble can give a lot of freedom to anyone who needs it, and a cane is a simple way to accomplish this.

Bath Bars

One of the most dangerous places at home for a senior is in the bath. Water is a very slippery substance that can cause a lot of injuries. Installing handholds or handles inside your showers or bathtub can reduce falling risks.

Stair Lifts

Walking up and down stairs can be taxing on the knees and cause a whole host of problems. Instead of risking them to walk up a flight, think about installing a stair lift. These devices can carry anyone up or down a flight of stairs without a whole lot of risk.

Reach Extenders

A good quality of life change is to invest in reach extenders. There’s a variety of options, but they all help people grab things out of reach. These can be quite nice to reach things on high shelves or on the floor without straining yourself.

Motion Lighting

Eyesight can become a large problem as time goes on, meaning walking around in a dimly lit place can be risky, even if it’s just for the few seconds it takes to turn on a light. Motion sensor lighting eliminates this risk by lighting up whenever someone comes by.

These are just some of the must-have tools to improve senior quality of life. Plenty of other things can help as well—it all depends on your specific needs.