The Age-Old Question: Assisted Living or Aging in Place?

Once the nest has become empty and life at work fades to a distant memory, retired people still have to answer the question regarding what they’re going to do with the rest of their lives. However, that question is a bit different for the rest of their family – who want to know WHERE they’re going to be doing things.

Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when trying to determine the answer to this question.

Medical Issues

Some people, even younger ones, have medical issues that need to be tended to on a daily basis. Some of these issues can be cared for at home, while others need more of a medical setting. If, for example, you have Medicare for oxygen therapy, you might be able to handle that at home. However, if you need something more invasive, assisted living might be a better option.

Emergency Planning

One of the benefits of assisted living might have to do with emergency planning. If your aging family member is aging at home, you might need to think about whether close friends or family members are nearby in the event of an emergency. If there isn’t anyone nearby, you might get them a monitoring device so that, if something happens, they can push a button and get the help they need. However, if they’re in an assisted living facility, there’s always someone nearby who can be called on for help if they need it.

Social Interaction

For those seniors who want to remain in their homes, it might not just be about staying where they’re comfortable or remaining in control. It might also have to do with having someplace where they feel as if their friends and family members can still freely interact with them, and they won’t feel isolated and alone. They might just want to enjoy the property at which they’ve spent years investing their money and time – a place where they’ve associated many holiday gatherings and activities, and a lifetime of fond memories. Being in an environment like this and getting visited frequently by friends, relatives, and grandkids can be their ideal version of happiness.

Getting Around

When you don’t have the energy that you did years ago, things like everyday chores can become dangerous, burdensome, or even impossible. When it comes to things like getting around or light tasks, your senior might eventually need a bit of help in the form of a home health aide (even though light exercise will help), but they’ll definitely need to hire someone for things like landscaping, cleaning the gutters, and cutting the grass. In assisted living, these things are a non-issue. There’s always someone around who can assist them with mobility, and all of those pesky chores are handled by staff.

The Right Choice

The decision you make when it comes to where you want to live out the golden years of your life is one that’s deeply personal, and as such, it’ll be different for everyone and for different reasons. Whether to go ahead and begin downsizing as soon as your youngest child leaves the nest is quite a different choice from the one you’ll need to make when you begin to need a bit more personal assistance or healthcare. However, an in-depth analysis regarding costs and benefits combined with honest and open communication regarding the needs you have can assist you and your family when it comes to making the ideal decision for your family, your spouse, and yourself. Just don’t be rash. Do your research before making any sort of decision.