Senior Living Facilities: 7 Benefits of Using Nursing Homes

Currently, only 4.5% of older Americans live in a nursing home. While people understandably want to maintain their independence, families should encourage their loved ones to rethink the decision to live alone.

Though older adults may feel more in control, living at home comes with disadvantages and poses a set of risks that need consideration. Read on to learn 7 reasons why you should consider senior living facilities.

  1. Safety

Falls make up the leading cause of injury for Americans older than 65 years of age. These injuries often lead to rehabilitation and death.

For this reason, living home alone can be dangerous for this age group. Nursing home staff help residents get around and the facilities better accommodate safe walking with their design.

Potential break-ins and fires also pose unique risks for older Americans living alone. People lose the ability to defend themselves or escape potential disasters as they age.

  1. Medical Attention

As we age, our need for healthcare generally increases. A nursing home always keeps medical staff available.

Nurses consistently check on residents, and doctors remain on call. This decreases the possibility of health conditions going unnoticed and worsening.

  1. Convenience

Cooking and cleaning can put a strain on anybody. But, older adults especially struggle with these tasks as they feel more tired and experience age-related health issues.

Nursing homes provide cooked meals throughout the day and always keep a variety of drinks and snacks on hand. They also tidy up, change the sheets, and sanitize, eliminating the need to clean.

  1. Social Interaction

As going out becomes more difficult, people tend to stay home. When their aging peers do the same and their younger loved ones lead busy lives, loneliness sets in.

In a senior living facility, the residents live with others around their age. They can make friends to regularly talk and interact with, making for a happier life.

  1. Fun Activities

At home, we can get into a restful routine and allow stagnation. Keeping the mind and body active promotes sharper thinking and better health.

Senior living facilities offer daily activities within the building so everybody can participate. Some nursing home activities include arts & crafts, exercise, live music, and game nights.

  1. Additional Resources

Within the nursing home, you get access to a host of social workers. They will assess your needs and get you in touch with additional resources. This makes finding all the help you need much more convenient.

  1. Comfort for Caregivers

Caregivers lead their own lives. Though they want the best for their loved ones, they can get burnt out.

Plus, when they cannot spend time with them, they can feel guilty and worried about their wellbeing. Nursing homes take this burden off of loved ones by helping to keep the older adult comfortable, active, and safe.

Choose Senior Living Facilities

Nobody wants to give up freedom, but when it comes to older adults living alone, the decision itself to stay home often oppresses them. Senior living facilities mean trading complete independence for the ability to live better.

We understand that change is difficult. But embracing change always opens the door for beautiful opportunities.

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