4 Ways Seniors Can Remain Active During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the routines of almost everyone. It’s been especially difficult for seniors who are at a higher risk of suffering complications from the virus. Even with the restrictions easing, it is important to keep them safe during this dangerous time.

Seniors also need to stay mentally and physically active in order to stay healthy. This can be challenging when their options are limited. Luckily, there are still things they can do wherever they live. There might even be activities that adhere to social distancing rules for those independently living in retirement communities. Here are some things seniors can do to safely stay active.


Walking is a simple but effective way to be active. Seniors can start slow, if needed, and increase the length of the walks gradually. Low-intensity walks provide the same benefits as high-intensity ones and lower the risk for mortality. Seniors can get some fresh air, which is good for the mind and body. If walks outside are not an option at all, a stroll around the house can also help. It is also easy to keep the required physical distance from others on a walk.


Seniors who love the outdoors can take up gardening. This will let them enjoy fresh air while enhancing the spaces around them. It will also give them a project to keep them busy in a time where many of their activities might not be possible. If getting down and dirty is not possible, starting on small indoor plants or a herb garden is always an option.


Seniors can dance wherever they are without needing to worry about physical distancing. Dancing is fun and a great cardiovascular workout. It can be as low-intensity as one likes. To make it more fun, seniors can put on some of their favorite tracks to dance to.

Arts and crafts

Getting involved in a creative project is good for the mental and physical health of seniors. They might be getting bored with sheltering in place, and arts and crafts will keep them engaged. Seniors can get involved in knitting, coloring, painting, working with clay and many other projects. These projects are also a good alternative for those who cannot partake in physical activities. Reading and writing are also good for the mind. Family or friends can gift them hobby kits or other similar items which will also make the seniors feel loved.

A safe and active life

It is vital for seniors to stay active both mentally and physically in order to maintain a healthy life. The pandemic might have put a pause to many activities, but there are still ways to keep moving and do things with safety and physical distancing rules in mind. The family of the seniors can also help from a distance if they don’t live in the same place by gifting them kits that encourage hobbies and projects. Check out other blogs on the website to know how seniors can keep happy and informed during this difficult time.