Senior Caregiving: Helping Your Loved One Declutter


As we get older, we can have the tendency to collect things, some necessary and some that we can completely do without. So it is not uncommon for seniors to end up with a lot of clutter. Perhaps you have been wondering what you can do to help your mom, dad or loved one declutter their living space. Below are just a few ideas to consider:

  • Be Patient and Understanding

Although you might see a big mess, your loved one sees treasured memories and keepsakes. Try not to take over the home, rather, include your loved one in the entire process.

  • Don’t Rush the Cleaning Process

It took a long time to accumulate all of the items in your loved one’s home and it will take some time to go through everything. Plan on taking a day, or even weeks, to get the entire cleaning/decluttering job done.

  • Ask Family and Friends to Join You

More hands will make the work lighter and go by faster. It will also give your loved one an opportunity to spend time with relatives. If there are any heirlooms or keepsakes to be given, they can take care of it at that time.

  • Consider Hiring Outside Help

Think about getting someone to keep things organized, in addition to helping declutter. Also, if you hire someone who is accustomed to working with seniors, they will be more sensitive to your loved one’s feelings during the whole process.

Although the task at hand may be difficult, it can be done. Rather than focusing on how long it will take, patiently work toward the desired outcome – a clutter-free environment that is safer and more peaceful for your loved ones.