May Day

May Day

May 1 can mean many things to many people. Here are a few and how they may apply to your community/company:

May Day – International Worker’s Day, how is the morale with your staff? How is turnover? When I talked to families, professionals, etc. about communities, the number one thing discussed is the staff. In my mind it is by far the key to growing and maintaining a community. Make sure you take time this May Day to make notes on your strengths and weaknesses. If your team is a strongpoint, point it out to prospective residents – low turnover, happy faces, caring people

May Day – a spring celebration. Have one at your community, new, fun activities are always welcome!

May Day! – a distress signal. If that distress signal is due to low occupancy, failed marketing options, etc., contact New LifeStyles today for these reasons:

* Print, web and mobile marketing in one package

* High web traffic and extensive distribution

* A new format that will get your more attention

Currently, we are working on the following guides, all with the new format:

St. Louis

Kansas City

San Diego

Fort Worth Area


All have great distribution and most are in the top 15 of our nationwide search markets.

Please contact us today for more information on our upcoming guides, 2017 media kit and rate card, our web site and/or a new site for you.

We would love to put together a package that would include a new website, presence in the print guide and significant presence on It will make an impact now and over time!

Cheers, Doug