Conducting the Perfect Tour at Your Senior Living Community


When it comes to senior living, tours are an opportunity to showcase your community and close a deal, so you must be prepared and organized. In today’s market, the prospective resident is likely to already be informed about senior living before they walk through your doors for a tour, and instead of looking for answers to basic questions, they are looking for a wow factor. Below are some ways you can set the stage for a great tour!

  • Always be Prepared

It is a good idea for you and your staff members to take a practice tour around your community to make sure that everything is in place. Setting the stage for a good tour starts before the potential residents and/or their family arrive. Some tips to consider are making sure that any trash is picked up, the lights are turned on, the beds are made, the rooms are tidy and the bathrooms are clean.

  • Personally Welcome the Potential Residents by Name

A simple way to personalize your guests’ experience is to know their names, so it seems more meaningful. Try arranging place cards with the guests’ names to be displayed, such as on a reserved parking space. Warmly greet the prospects by name when they enter your community. Another good idea is before the tour starts, give your guests a personalized welcome folder with their name on it, so they feel like you truly care about them. In the folder, you can include your contact information, as well as additional information about your community.

  • Personalize the Tour

Make sure to ask the people that will be touring your community what amenities/services are important to them so that you can focus on that during their tour. Ask them about their hobbies and interests, so you can highlight the features that are most important to them so it doesn’t feel like a generic tour. Adding this type of personalization will be sure to make your community memorable.

  • Have Pleasant Follow-Ups

After they have toured, don’t just follow up with a generic phone call, try to be personable like writing a hand-written note. In the note, you can thank the potential residents for viewing your community and try to include personal aspects of conversation you may have had, or even a joke that was said.

You can make your community more memorable to potential residents when you add a little personalization to your tours because when they see you as a community that cares about their needs, they start to see your community as their new home.