Great Clothing Choices When You Move to Assisted Living

Moving out of your home and into assisted living can feel like you are losing out on a lot of things. Fortunately, many assisted living facilities offer a lot of fun activities, community, and even services like hair stylists, food, and more. When you live in this type of community, you can lose out on some storage space, which means you might need to pare down your closet and wardrobe if you have a lot of things in your home. Here are some great ideas of what to bring and some thoughts on what to leave behind or put in storage.

Comfortable but Stylish Shoes

Unless there is a medical need otherwise, you can bring any shoes you want into assisted living with you. Whether you prefer a comfortable pair of wedge heels or a pair of flats or even those shoes that still need a good shoeshine, there are plenty of options to bring with you. You want to be sure the shoes that you do bring first of all still fit, that they are comfortable enough without being a fall risk for you and that you like them. Leave behind anything you don’t really love, you haven’t worn in years, or that you don’t think would work for your needs anymore.

Mix and Match Pieces

Sure, it’s great to have a completely new outfit for every day of the month. But when you start to get low on space, you might realize that a wardrobe filled with mix and match pieces is more practical. Plus, in an assisted living community you may or may not have laundry in your room. Some places offer laundry services where they wash, dry, and deliver your clothes back to your room. Mix and match pieces give you more flexibility for the hot summer months and cold winter months to wear outfits that still look good, but that don’t take up as much space in your closet.

Clothes for a Night Out

When you live in assisted living, it’s not like going to prison. You’ll still want clothes for date nights, going out with friends, and enjoying the company of others. Having an outfit or two just for special occasions is still important. Whether you have a nice suit and tie or a dress or skirt you love, make sure to hang onto the pieces that fit you well and that you feel great in. You want to be prepared for a night or dancing or getting invited to a loved one’s wedding. If you have a lot of formal wear, you may not be able to bring it all, but you can always pack things away and put it in storage.

Seasonal Weather Clothes

Seasons come and go. You’ll want shorts and shirts for hanging out at the pool or beach and outfits for those cooler fall and winter days. Make sure you think through all the seasons in your area to ensure you bring along the right kinds of clothes to your new assisted living home. Warm pants and warm socks are perfect when you go out on cold days, and when it gets hot inside or out, you’ll want to wear something that helps you cool down.

A Warm Jacket

Don’t forget to bring a jacket. A warm coat can keep you toasty in the winter, or if the AC in the dining hall is too chilly. This versatile wardrobe piece is essential when you go to an assisted living facility especially if you’re active and like to go out a lot.

Sweater or Sweatshirt

Bring along a sweater or sweatshirt that’s easy to get on and off. You can throw it over anything. If you head out to the movie theater, you probably know how freezing it can get in there especially in the summer. An easy to carry warm shirt can help you no matter what situation you’re in.

The key to moving into an assisted living facility is to remain flexible. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t think about how little space they have in their closets and try to bring everything only to be disappointed that it won’t all fit. By planning ahead with the pieces you like and use the most, you’ll be able to fit everything and it will all have a purpose.