Best Outdoor Activities for Seniors Who Crave Adventure

Reaching your golden years comes with its growing pains. Staying fit is one of the main challenges of entering old age. However, you can easily find fun ways to stay active.

You can exercise indoors, but if you want a breath of fresh air, then the outdoors is your domain. These are the best outdoor activities for seniors who crave adventure.

Apple and Berry Picking

Walking is an excellent activity for staying fit when you’re older. It also helps you improve your balance as you age. However, it can be boring if the environment isn’t engaging.

Taking a trip to the local orchard is an exciting prospect for anyone. In addition to collecting tasty fruit, picking berries and apples at a brisk pace requires some physical activity and stretching.

If the amount of time you spend on foot becomes taxing, going on a nice hayride can help you catch your breath. When autumn comes, pumpkin patches are must-see destinations. Make sure to call ahead and ask about the terrain, as some orchards may be too hilly.


One activity that involves some strength is fishing. Although you spend most of the time sitting around waiting for a bite, you must be ready for the fish to pull hard when it finally arrives.

Fishing is a quiet activity that requires some skill and allows seniors to ponder life’s great mysteries while exploring nature.


If fishing is too strenuous, boating is a peaceful activity for anyone who loves being out on the open water. A calming boat ride on a lake or pond can give seniors a brief respite from their usual scenery so they can enjoy the natural beauty.

Some boats are also handicap-friendly, which makes them more inclusive to seniors. Large flatboats are particularly suitable for seniors. Call ahead and ask about availability as well as handicap accessibility. This can make the difference if a senior is on the fence about going.


Bird-watching is an activity you can do at any public park, and the best part is that you can avoid uneven ground. This is another wheelchair-accessible activity, and you can even bird-watch right from your car window.

The only materials needed are a set of binoculars and a field guide. Plus, you can find many smartphone apps that show you where the best spots are.

Every senior is different, and the best activities will suit each person’s individual preferences. Nevertheless, these are some great examples of the best activities for seniors who crave adventure and want to explore their surroundings.