5 Ways to Show Gratitude to Grandparents

For many of us, visiting our grandparents for the holidays or going over to their place for the weekend are some of the happiest memories of our childhoods. We all love them to death, but sometimes it’s not easy to express that love. There’s a divide of generations between us after all, but maybe with a little research and thoughtfulness we can bridge it and tell our grandparents how much we appreciate them.

The best idea is to travel back in time a bit and communicate with them in their own language. What are their interests? What were the most common presents people gave each other when your grandparents were young? And what are the things from their childhood that they miss the most? Maybe they would enjoy a few photographic memories, or a bouquet of the best London roses from this flower store.

Somewhere in the answer to these questions lies the perfect gift for your grandparents, and we have some ideas that can help too. 

Get Them Flowers 

In our grandparent’s time, flowers as a gift were very popular. It’s an even better present if your grandparents appreciate the language of flowers, but a bouquet of thank you flowers will usually be more than enough to make your grandparents happy and make them feel loved. 

Flowers like pink and yellow roses, hydrangeas, and irises all symbolize one form of gratitude or another. Peach colored flowers, for example, stand for appreciation. 

You can include a little note or a handmade card with the flowers to make it extra special and thoughtful. 

Write Them Letters 

We all know that grandparents aren’t that great with texting, and they may not always be up for phone calls either. But what you can do is send them letters the old fashioned way. Your grandparents will love the gesture and really enjoy writing back. 

And don’t just write on plain old paper either – go the extra mile and get some fancy stationery, write with an old school ink pen, make your letters pretty and show them how much thought and care you put into them. 

This is a great way to show your love and appreciation for them while your grandparents may be stuck in a lockdown, or if you live far away from them. 

Spoil Them With Treats! 

Who says it’s only the grandmas who can spoil their grandkids with food? It can always be the other way around if you’re old enough. 

You can either take them out to dinner somewhere if it’s safe, or cook them an old favorite of theirs. A great way to thank them for all the love they gave you is to teach yourself one of your old family recipes and cook it for them – you can even have it delivered to them if you can’t visit them yourself. 

If your grandparents can eat chocolates and other comfort food, it might be a great idea to send them a box of those treats with a cute note. 

A Subscription Box 

Subscription boxes are a great and thoughtful way to show your friends and family that you care about them, and there are countless subscription boxes for senior citizens that we’re sure your grandparents would love to try. 

Ask your parents about what your grandparents love, think about their needs and interests, and then pick one that you feel they’ll be happiest with. 

It can be a puzzle book subscription for your grandpa who loves crosswords, or a decade candy gift box subscription that sends out gift boxes with candy from a certain decade every month. Your grandparents will be getting a taste of their favorite treats from their childhood and adult lives! 

Host an Event for Them 

One of the biggest problems grandparents have with the rest of the family is how everyone just doesn’t have time for one another anymore. Well, you can fix this by hosting an event for your family to all get together and celebrate your grandparents, and how much they’ve done for everyone. 

Take the time to get together and talk about the old days, about how much you loved visiting your grandparents as a child, and to make them feel loved and appreciated. 

Grandparents are some of the most loving influences on a lot of people, and you never know what tomorrow holds, which is why you should never take too long to tell your family and your grandparents how much you love them.