14 Hacks and Simple Changes to Make Your Home Elder-Friendly

Physical and mental abilities change with age. One of the essential things to do as a caregiver is to make your home elderly-friendly so that they can live comfortably in their surroundings. Many people are unaware of the little things they can do to make their homes more accessible for older adults. There are many hacks and simple changes you can make to your home to make it elder-friendly. Older adults often have trouble with stairs, so install a hand railing on the staircase to prevent falls. You can also purchase carpeting or area rugs that are slip-resistant for those who struggle with slippery floors. The best thing about these hacks is they don’t require any major remodeling or expensive renovations!

We want to share some of my favorite hacks and changes you can make in your home today:

Replace the Ordinary Doorknobs

One of the most common problems elders have is reaching the knob to open the door. To solve this problem, replace your ordinary door knobs with lever-style knobs that are easier for them to grip and turn! If you have lever door handles instead of knobs, this could also help. Avoid fancy knobs or handles and instead, look for the ones that are easier to grip. Also, make sure you install lever-style door locks as well.

Replace the Ordinary Lockset 

Another common problem is that some elders have difficulty turning a knob to unlock their front door. In contrast, others can’t manage the more complicated push-button handles or keyless entry systems if they have arthritis. To solve this problem, replace your lockset with one that can be opened by turning a lever instead of just pushing a knob or button.

Make it Easier for them to get in and Out of the Bathroom.

If they’re having trouble getting up from their seat, install grab bars, so they have something to hang onto while standing. Install rails on both sides for even more support. They are more likely to slip and fall if they try to get up without something for support. Home modifications for aging in place will make the bathroom safer for everyone. Making the bathroom safe is a must for aging in place.

Install Grab Bars in Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is not handicap accessible, install a chair with arms and back support to provide stability when getting up or sitting down. This will also work well if you have an older person living on their own who needs temporary help with standing from time to time. The chair can be positioned next to the kitchen counter, so it’s easy for them to get in and out of. If possible, make the floors with a rubberized finish or cover them with rugs.

If you have hard floors, add throw pillows to make getting in and out of chairs easier. Thick non-slip mats are also helpful for preventing falls on slick surfaces like tile and laminate flooring.

Install Braille Numbers on Your Light Switches

One way that you can make your home more accessible is by installing braille numbers on light switches. This will allow blind or vision-impaired visitors access to common areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. It also helps with knowing what room you’re in when someone calls out to you for help.

Maintain Your Bathroom’s Safety 

Install a seat or put a portable chair in the shower to help elders get on and off more safely, or buy an easy-to-clean bath mat for added slip protection so they don’t fall while getting out of the tub. Consider adding grab bars inside as well for balance. Place non-skid mats in the shower as well. Cover the floor with cozy wool or hand-knotted rugs where possible to prevent slips and falls.

Install a seat or grab bars on both sides of toilets to give elders stability while sitting and standing. Replace light switches with levers for easy use by arthritic hands – either by using one lever that turns off/on lights, fans, heaters, etc., or installing individual handles to turn on/off the individual items.

Safety Bar at Staircase

Install a safety bar at the edge of your staircase to help elders stay safe when they’re walking down or upstairs – especially if you have carpeting that makes it easy for them to slip. Install grab bars in tubs and showers, as well as bathroom sinks so seniors can maintain their balance.

Check the Height of Your Light Switches 

Another common problem elders have reaching light switches placed too high on walls and ceilings in their homes. To solve this issue, place them lower to make it easier for them to reach! No need for any major renovations!

Install a Lever Style Door Handle 

If you’re worried about elders having trouble opening doors that have knobs, installing an easy-to-open lever-style handle will be perfect for them. The elderly population is also often unsteady on their feet, so make sure to install door stops at the base of any exit or entryway.

Install Anti-Slip Mats in Your Bathroom 

It’s hard to take a shower or bath when the floor is slippery and wet! To avoid this, get anti-slip mats for your bathroom that are easy on your feet, without any bumps or ridges, so they can’t slip on them.

Install a Handrail 

For those times when you need help getting up and downstairs, install an easy-to-grab handrail on either side of your staircase. This way it will be easier for elders to get around their house without any problems!

Bring Home Portable Tables

For those times when the kitchen table is just too high, get some portable tables that you can bring from room to room! This will allow elders and caregivers alike to eat in a much more comfortable position. Portable chairs are also a great idea for this.

Unclutter the Home

Elders need to be able to find their way around without any obstacles in their path, so make sure you’re not cluttering up your home with too many items and furniture that could potentially get in someone’s way.

Add Safety Lights Throughout the House 

If there are any dark areas in your home, adding safety lights can be a big help. This is especially true if you have stairs without any railing or light fixture. You’ll want to make sure there are no tripping hazards for those who might not see them otherwise!

In the End

We hope that we’ve given you some ideas on making your home more comfortable and safe for elders. Remember, the best way to help an older adult stay in their own home is by making it a place they feel happy and secure- not just providing them with a meal or errand running service. At RugKnots, our goal is to provide customers with high-quality rugs at affordable prices, so everyone has the chance to experience comfort and warmth throughout their lives. Thank you again for reading this blog post about simple ways of creating great living spaces for seniors who want independence but need extra care because of age-related needs like diminished sight or hearing.