4 Ways an Adjustable Bed Can Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

We spend a considerable time of our lives sleeping. Proper rest is essential for a happy and healthy life and as we age, this is particularly important since a good night’s sleep assists the body’s natural healing and restoring processes.

In recent years, adjustable beds have gained significant popularity among people of all ages but especially those over the age of 65. This allows them to create a close connection between bed and sleep. Although most people assume that adjustable beds are only intended for medical facilities, these models can greatly contribute to a person feeling their best and increasing their quality of life.

In this article, we’ll look at ways adjustable beds can improve living for elderly people, who might be struggling to get a decent night’s rest.

Experience Instant Relief

Nowadays, we’re used to sitting and keeping our back in one position for a long period, forgetting to stand up and stretch quickly or walk for at least a couple of minutes. The older we get, the more we can feel this type of discomfort. Whether it’s an occasional twinge or persistent pain, seniors might feel that they’re kept from carrying out their daily tasks and activities.

Osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, or degeneration of joints in the lumbar spine are all common pains seniors experience. A full size adjustable bed for elderly people can have pain-reducing benefits and mitigate debilitating pains by relieving a significant amount of pressure off their lower backs. It can assist them to elevate their head and feet into a good position that addresses their chronic pain.

There are many elderly people with back pain today which can cause many different problems ranging from limited mobility to accidents. For seniors, it’s crucial to do everything to improve this condition, keep their back healthy, and prevent it from deteriorating.

Helps in Managing Acid Reflux

Compared to younger people, seniors are more likely to suffer from acid reflux and in these cases it is highly recommended that they don’t lie flat on their beds as the food they eat is unable to easily move through the esophagus, causing stomach acid to travel up towards the throat.

If you have this diagnosis, a doctor would probably advise you to buy an adjustable bed to help you raise your head at least five inches and stop acidic stomach contents from going up to the esophagus. You might think that using a pillow would be helpful but it isn’t a fool-proof strategy. It could instead cause you more harm than good.

Controls Snoring

As people get older, they tend to have problems with snoring, but the adjustable bed can remedy this issue. The main reason for snoring is that the trachea is slightly closed due to the weight in the neck and this creates the distinctive snoring sound. An adjustable bed allows you to change the direction of the weight of the neck, which reduces the sound of snoring and improves the quality of sleep.

The same applies to sleep apnea, which is a condition where you wake up during the night because your breathing stops repeatedly during sleep. It can cause serious health problems, such as high blood pressure and heart trouble. Adjustable beds can improve these conditions significantly as a person can raise themselves into an upright position, which will prevent the weight from the neck from inflicting pressure on the trachea. This will stop the snoring and help get a peaceful sleep.

Better Digestion and Reduced Swelling

Sleeping a little more upright is good for seniors’ digestion because then the body can process the food during the night. It’s not appropriate to sleep on a full stomach, but if they have eaten a couple of hours before going to bed, which most people do, the sleeping position can help promote digestion by elevating the head by around 6 inches.

The chances for circulation issues and swelling in the legs is greater with seniors and choosing a good adjustable bed can help. By slightly elevating the legs during sleep at the touch of a button, it can instantly improve blood flow and reduce swelling, making your sleep peaceful and pleasant. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re a senior, make sure to invest in your health by purchasing an adjustable bed that will allow you to change your sleeping position exactly as you want to. It will work wonders if you’re dealing with chronic pain or issues with snoring and poor digestion.

As we age, we appreciate an uninterrupted, sound sleep at night and a healthy lifestyle free of pain. An adjustable bed is a perfect solution, providing the essential comfort an elderly person is searching for.