3 Myths About Aging Every Senior Should Debunk

No one can ever escape from the aging process. Our bodies grow just a little older each passing day, so science hasn’t been able to stop it.

However, there are myths about aging that, unfortunately, have affected how many people take care of themselves. There are just too many health issues that many think are part of natural aging, so they tend not to seek treatment.

In this article, we bring these myths to life in hopes of effectively debunking them once and for all.

Pain is an inevitable part of aging.

It’s true. When we age, we lose a lot of things: the suppleness of our skin, the dark tones of our hair, and even some of our energy to have fun. However, this process of losing does not really have to involve physical pain. Anyone who says otherwise is severely mistaken.

When there is a body part that feels painful or has been a source of discomfort for a while, you need to have yourself checked. Pain or prolonged discomfort means that something is wrong, and you have to intervene to rectify it. Pain management specialists at firms like https://www.seattlepainrelief.com/ are going to be helpful in this regard. You can also speak to your general physician about a referral.

Memory loss is normal.

You’ve probably read that we start losing brain cells or neurons without replenishing them at around age 30. However, we have so many neurons in our brains that even sustained losses for years cannot easily impair our brain. Besides, it’s not really the quantity that matters so much when it comes to neurons; it’s the strength and complexity of the connections that we form among these cells.

Given that, you should really say goodbye to the notion that memory loss is a normal part of the aging process. It’s really not. This forgetfulness might be a sign of a mental illness such as dementia. It would help if you got the advice of a psychological health expert to manage this condition well.

Sensory difficulties are normal and irreversible.

When we portray or illustrate older adults, many of us paint a picture of a weak and imbued person with many sensory challenges such as nearsightedness and difficulty in hearing. Just because many old people suffer from these conditions doesn’t really mean that these are already part of the aging process. Like the other two, they’re not.

Any person can become old while retaining their sensory functions. As with the other two, if you are experiencing issues with your eyes and ears now, have them checked and treated. As long as there are known cures, you shouldn’t just live with these impairments.

Just because impairment is common among older adults doesn’t really mean they are already part of the aging process. You have to understand that it’s not really aging that caused them per se, it’s the series of bad health decisions. As such, they are totally preventable by simply being more mindful of our health by eating right, sleeping enough, and working out.