Five Tips for Healthy Golden Years

Living as a senior doesn’t mean you have to stop living. In fact, one report from the Postgraduate Medical Journal states, “With increasing age, there is an increased risk of developing non-communicable chronic health conditions.” Inactivity, they say, can result in many medical problems and certainly contributes to mortality.

Seniors have spent a lifetime doing and being all manner of things and this does not have to change in their golden years. There are many things – active and proactive – that our elders can do to ensure they live a fulfilling life.

Stay On Top of Medical Care

Regular check-ups are important to monitor any possible problems that may arise. Be sure your seniors are visiting their doctors and/or specialists regularly to ensure illness or complications don’t sneak up on them. Make sure all contact numbers are easily accessible in case of an emergency.

Keep the Environment Safe

A preemptive way to prevent accidental falls or slips – which accounts for millions of non-lethal injuries in the US every year and can lead to more complications – be sure you have the right safety equipment in bathrooms and other tricky areas of the home.


From pet shelters to schools to senior living facilities, there are ample ways a senior can use their experience and wisdom to not only help others but themselves. There are multiple benefits to volunteering for seniors including mental health, physical activity, and fun.

Eat and Sleep Healthy

Even for the most finicky eaters, a healthy diet can be accomplished. Being aware of specific medical needs can help guide you in determining the best supplements (if necessary) for your senior as well as dietary restrictions. Make sure, as well, your senior is getting the right amount of good sleep.

Be Social

Being retired does not have to mean solitude. See if there are local groups that can host your senior. Whether it is a book club, a game of gin rummy, or knitting, these activities can help seniors feel less isolated. Especially if they live alone. Even if your senior has problems with mobility, receiving visits from friends, family and neighbors can significantly improve the quality of life for seniors.

It is important that seniors stay active and engaged as much as possible during their golden years. Search our database of senior centers and communities to find local activities for seniors.