3 Activities that Keep Seniors Mentally Alert

Many people are wrongfully led to believe that memory loss is a normal component of the aging process. It’s not. Everyone can grow old with their memories of themselves and their loved ones still intact. In fact, losing such crucial memories is a disorder that we should try to avoid.

Fortunately, there are many things that a person can do to lower their risk of developing memory altering disorders. In this article, we present three of the most effective strategies.

Physical exercise

Growing up, we’re told that a good amount of physical exercise keeps our body strong and resistant to a wide range of physiological maladies. There are also some who exercise to enhance their physique. Many want washboard abs, bulging biceps, and firm chests.

In addition to all those, exercise has also been shown to have a significant impact on the mind. Specifically, it helps people to be more cognitively focused and more mentally alert. With this, people from all age groups should include a reasonable amount of physical exercise in their routines. Of course, everyone– especially our beloved seniors– should not forget to consult with their physicians or healthcare providers before they start any workout program.


Bingo is a game of luck, but it is among the most common games played in day centers and homes for the aged. Small groups or big groups are no problem for this game. All that this game needs is bingo cards and numbered bingo balls for raffle. The objective is simple: a game admin just keeps on drawing bingo numbers from the raffle until a predetermined pattern is formed on someone’s bingo card. Of course, the numbers on the cards are randomly determined. Those who want to participate should just hope that the numbers on their card are the lucky ones drawn!

Because it’s done in groups, bingo is a good way to encourage socialization. Through every game session, our beloved senior family member can interact with other old people. They can also interact with their families and caregivers!

We just have to be careful that no hot-tempered fellow is allowed into the game group. We surely don’t want to put an elderly loved one in a situation where they could be assaulted and require the services of legal professionals such as an assault attorney to settle disputes.

Control over their lives

Children and other family members often make the mistake of taking over the elderly person’s life. Caregivers let their beloved seniors sit in a corner as they do all the things– from cleaning to cooking to washing the dishes– for them.

The intention is oftentimes noble. They just want the senior members of the family to be as comfortable as possible. But this can actually do more harm than good. To prevent the decay of both their bodies and minds, seniors must never be made to feel that they are useless or a burden for anyone. For as long as they are still able, they should still be afforded the freedom to do what they want when they want it. The most that we caregivers can do is to make their environment safer.

Taking care of seniors is not an easy task. All steps that we take must be with purpose and informed by scientific insight.