Craft Time: How to Make Bingo Cards at Home

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During this time of uncertainty, it can be very difficult for children and seniors alike to fill their time with quality experiences that their family will remember fondly. Today, we offer an option for your family that is not only fun and engaging but also brings kids into the fun with a cool craft: Making Bingo Cards!

Bingo is a great option for the family in that it is easy to learn to play, can be modified for any age to play, and has a lot of flexibility in how you can play it so kids won’t get bored. For instance, you can play straight bingo, play four corners, or another configuration.

How To Make Bingo Cards

Your first instinct might be to ask yourself, “Where can I buy bingo cards?” Although this could be an option, it would take away the opportunity for your family to make bingo cards that are specially made for them, and create bingo cards for a fun, crafty game. Here a few ways you can create bingo cards with your family.

Use A Bingo Card Generator

In our ever-increasing digital world, this seems like the obvious choice, and great news, there are tons of bingo card generators out there, but some are better than others.

There are so many ways you can go with bingo card generators, such as holiday themes, pictures, numbers, or even something educational like the alphabet for your little ones.

All you’ll need is a bingo generator. We suggest the Spark Adobe Bingo Generator because their bingo cards have so many styles, plus you can customize and edit them, especially for your family.

Got card stock and a printer? Then it’s as simple as pressing a few buttons. Have your kids decorate them for an added touch.

Use Your Computer Skills

Perhaps you would like to be more digitally crafty, is that a real thing?

Either way, if you would like to create your own bingo cards, you’ll need to consider a few things.

  • How many people will be playing – this is important because you’ll need to create a different board for each person, which could be time-consuming.
  • Choosing a program – you could go with Google Docs, or Google Slides, or some other program.

Create a table and put in what you wish, whether it’s pictures, numbers, or something else. Remember: you’ll still need to make different cards for each person.

Get Crafty With It

Finally, your family could bust out the construction paper, some rulers, scissors, glue sticks, and markers to create hand-made bingo cards. This may get time-consuming and messy, but if your family is up to the challenge it’s a great way to go! Kids love to get crafty with it!

Final Thoughts

Crafting with your kids is a special moment for families. Bingo cards turn your craft into game night that you can do again and again. What could be better?

Be sure to come back for all your gaming needs and other fun activities for the family.