Which Is Best for Your Loved One? Senior Living or Home Care

It is a big decision when trying to choose between a senior living facility or home care for aging parents. However, there are a few factors which can make your decision much easier. Obviously, you want your parents to get the best care possible because they did that for you, not only as children, but throughout adulthood as well. Whenever they were needed, they were there. Now you want to reciprocate to the best of your ability so it really is important to understand exactly what would be best for them in their golden years.

Determine Their Level of Independence

The first, and most important, factor in determining which placement would be best is their level of independence. Are they able to take on most of their self-care? Can they bathe relatively unassisted, and can they get dressed with a minimal amount of help? Are they suffering from dementia where you fear they will wander out in the cold or extremely hot weather? If it’s only a matter of incontinence, for example, then you can provide disposable underwear and keep your bed dry with a bedpad. This is not something that would determine a need for assisted senior living.

Have They Recently Lost a Spouse?

If your aging parent is relatively independent but having trouble living alone because of the recent loss of their spouse of many years, then perhaps living with you would be the best possible alternative. They are already feeling alone so being surrounded by the love of family will help them through their grieving period. Putting them in a residential setting might even make it more difficult for them to go through the stages of grief. This is something that needs a considerable amount of thought when deciding which is best for your aging loved one.

What Is Their Relationship with Family Members?

Another thing which must be carefully weighed is how they get along with family members in the home. For example, if your mother has never gotten along with your husband, it might not be the best situation to bring her into a home where there will be constant turmoil. On the other hand, if there are grandchildren she absolutely adores and has a close relationship with, then making her a part of your family might be nature’s best medicine. There is nothing quite like the love of grandchildren when it comes to living a quality of life so this is one of the most important factors you should consider carefully.

While we never want to put our aging loved ones in a residential setting, there are times when it is necessary. If all adults in the household work full-time and there will be no one to care for them, then perhaps a facility with nurses and support staff would be the better option. Always weigh carefully what is best for your aging loved one, and safety is a huge concern. Once you know what you are looking for, and what is best for your loved one, the decision is easier to make.