Ways Seniors Can Meet New Friends

Sometimes, as we age, it becomes more difficult to connect with others as we retire from work and our family moves to distant areas. However, maintaining a sense of community is important for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. If you don’t find yourself interacting much with others in your daily routine, it’s time to make a change. Here are some ways seniors can meet new friends.

Take a Class

Taking a class in any subject that you find enjoyable can allow you to not only learn more about it, but it can also provide an opportunity for you to meet others who share the same interest. You can visit your local senior center or community college to enroll in classes and keep your mind sharp as you absorb new information and gain new skills. At the same time, you can talk with others in the class and potentially meet up with them after it’s over to continue growing in the activities you did there.


Often, you gain a lot by giving, and volunteering is no exception. Look up volunteer openings in your area where you can serve those in need, take up an important job, or help keep the neighborhood clean and beautiful. More than just being something to do, you’ll improve the lives of those around you. As you get more involved, you might consider joining an organization as a regular volunteer where you’ll also build relationships with others serving with you.

Play Sports

You may need to avoid high-impact games, but that doesn’t mean sports are entirely out of the question. Sports and activities such as badminton, tennis, swimming, and golf can all help you to stay physically healthy while also allowing you to connect with others. You can often find clubs whose members convene frequently to play and compete against each other. For example, you could join a golf league where you can improve your skills while also chatting with other members between strokes.

Consider a Senior Community

What about moving to a senior community where you are surrounded by other like minded individuals? Most communities have social clubs, outings and activities to keep you active and social. Some even focus on a particular hobby, like art, continuing education, and more.