Gardening With Grandpa: 3 Ways to Create Memories with an Herb Garden

With aging seniors, it may be challenging to find avenues for them to connect with the younger members of the family meaningfully. When the grandchildren (and great-grandchildren) visit, you might see them spending more time with their devices than with Grandpa. In looking for ways for your senior to connect with your younger generations, consider an herb garden. As the weather warms up, an herb garden can present countless benefits medicinally and emotionally, but it can also be the natural catalyst that connects generations. Here are three aspects of gardening that can inspire memories.

An Opportunity to Teach

Your beloved senior may enjoy teaching the young family members about cultivation, getting dirty hands and soil quality. Planting, maintaining and harvesting an herb garden can be the opportunity for the kids to learn and in the process, create memories with Grandpa. This can create a sense of contribution and purpose for seniors as well.

The Natural Connection

In Grandpa’s day, families grew gardens out of necessity. Today, families grow gardens due to organic and natural values. Regardless of the incentives, growing an herb garden can be a valuable connection between generations. Encourage seniors to share gardening tips and watch as your younger family members become inspired and engaged.

Memories in the Kitchen

Herbs can be essential in the kitchen, but even more valuable to the multi-generational relationship. Harvesting herbs can prompt memorable moments in the kitchen, sharing recipes and enjoying a meal. Encourage the kitchen gatherings and conversation. Your young family will be intrigued, and your beloved senior will feel valued.

Herb gardening for seniors can be beneficial in many aspects, but more importantly, it can be the activity that unites the family. Start an herb garden, or see if your local senior community offers one, and engage grandparents with your young family members to create lasting memories.