Thoughtful Family Gift Ideas For Seniors

As someone gets older, it can get more difficult to buy them gifts. It starts to feel like you’ve already bought them everything over the years and you might not know what to get them anymore. When people are older, they often don’t want lots of material things, which could create clutter. What can be a touching and thoughtful gift is something to remind them of their family, especially if they can’t see them in person all the time. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give a senior in your family, consider these ideas.

A Personalized Blanket

A good blanket to cuddle up with is always useful to have. The great thing about blankets is that they come in many different designs too, and can be made from different materials. When you’re looking for a personalized gift, a blanket could be a perfect choice. You can make your own photo blanket with some favorite family photos to create a unique gift that will be treasured. As well as using some precious memories to design your blanket, you can also give the gift of a cozy accessory that has a practical use. It’s a great option if you want to give something useful, that’s also unique. And if the idea of a personalized gift sounds great to you, but blankets just aren’t the right thing, then there are many more options available!

Gifts from the Kids

Gifts from the grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren, are always guaranteed to be touching presents. When you want to give a senior a thoughtful gift, especially on a special occasion, consider whether the kids can make something or pick out something that will have a special meaning. They can create artwork or crafts, whether it’s something to display or something that can be used. If you want to give this type of gift, try to think beyond a simple drawing. You could buy a handprint impression kit to make a unique gift, or you could decorate mugs or something else practical.

Memory and Keepsake Journal

Memories are often what makes a gift extra special, and they can be even more precious for seniors, who may have memory problems. A journal is a good way to put together some memories and keepsakes. The best thing about it is that you can leave space so that you can continue to add to it. If you’re not sure where to start, you can find journals that provide prompts and set pages to provide ideas. You can get started with adding some memories, or you can leave it to the person that you gift it to, and they can do it on their own.

Image from Pexels – CC0 License

New Tech for Communication

Staying in touch with seniors is very important. Loneliness can become a problem as you get older, but there are lots of ways to help people to keep in touch. There are various types of technology that you might consider, from a smartphone to a new computer and a webcam. Not all older people are au fait with new technology, although many can pick it up quickly, so consider your choices carefully. A basic cell phone may be better than a fancy smartphone. It can be helpful if you are able to control their devices from a distance, in case they need help to do anything.

A Genealogy Site Membership

Many people enjoy looking into their family tree. There can be all kinds of interesting things to discover, and it’s a fascinating hobby. You can find a few different genealogy sites out there, which provide access to records such as censuses, birth, marriage and death certificates, newspapers, and much more. While some information can be accessed for free, most records require a subscription to view and download them. A membership to a genealogy site can be excellent for anyone who enjoys researching their family or is looking for a new hobby.

Experience Gifts

Material things can be fun, but not everyone wants stuff. Another way to choose a thoughtful family gift for a senior is to think about experiences that they might like. This could be anything from going out to lunch or a trip to the theater to something perhaps a bit more thrilling. The experience you choose should depend on what your giftee enjoys doing, and could even be something that they have always wanted to do but never managed. Of course, you don’t have to make it a family outing. They might prefer to go out with friends instead!

There are many thoughtful family gifts for seniors that are sure to be treasured. Make sure you personalize your gift to suit the person you give it to.