The Benefits of Small Aquariums for Seniors

People who live in assisted living facilities need help performing essential, day-to-day functions. They also need a variety of activities throughout the day for mental and physical stimulation. Small aquariums have those benefits for seniors, as they give seniors the opportunity to watch, care for, and engage with the fish.

They Can Be Manageable

When people think of fish tanks, they immediately imagine one of two things: the tiny fishbowl containing one little goldfish or the super complicated 80-gallon tank teeming with exotic fish. These are potential options—though tiny fishbowls are not great for the fish—but the best option for those living in an assisted living facility would be something more manageable, like a 30-gallon fish tank. These tanks are great because they are easy to set up, great for beginners, and capable of holding a wide variety of different fish.

It Helps Them Stay Active

Those living in assisted living facilities have a very monotonous schedule as they typically do many of the same things every day. There is some variety with different events, but the monotony of things can make the days blend together. A way to keep them active and excited for the next day is with a fish tank. You need to feed fish and maintain their tanks regularly. A good senior care facility makes sure their residents stay active, and the responsibility of taking care of fish is a great way to do this. It gives them renewed purpose as they are caring for something while they are also being cared for.

Aquariums Help with Memory

Maintaining fish and an aquarium keeps seniors active, but it can also help with memory. A daily routine that includes feeding the fish at specific times can turn seniors from passive into active individuals, both physically and mentally. Also, there is a child-like joy in seeing animals play and be active. Being around fish might remind you of times in childhood when you were around similar animals.

There are many benefits to having small aquariums for seniors, and this list is just the tip of the iceberg. Being around life, color, and movement is mentally stimulating, but it can also be calming. Fish swim at their own pace and don’t fret about the world around them, silently encouraging others to do the same.