Here’s What to Look for in a Senior Care Facility

We all hope to grow old gracefully. But time and age care nothing about grace, or about our sensibilities and hopes. There are a few things you can do to increase the chances of a positive aging experience. But at the end of the day, the outcome is out of your hands. You might not be lucky enough to enjoy the final years of your life independently in your own home. Seeing how your aging parents manage the process can help you better prepare for your own golden years. 

If you are in the sandwich generation bracketed on both ends by dependents, you might find it infeasible to take in your aging parents and properly care for your children. One of the hardest choices you will have to make is placing your parents in senior housing to give everyone a chance at their best life. Once you decide that is the way things have to go, you have to make an even tougher decision: Which senior housing option do you choose? If you don’t know what to look for, this can be a daunting decision. It is a little easier when you can imagine that it is you in their place. What would be the most important considerations for you? That list will very likely include the following:

A Modern Package Handling Solution

You are going to want to send your parents parcels that are bigger than a tiny envelope. You do not want them to have to go pick it up at a carrier location, or take a chance missing the package because they were out and about. If they get a lot of their purchases through Amazon, they will also need access to painless returns. 

Before signing any rental agreements, check out the package room and be sure that all of the important boxes are checked:

  • Video surveillance for security
  • Easy accessibility
  • Simple to use app
  • Accommodation for any size package

One of the biggest challenges for people living in multi-family housing is packaging handling. It is also one of the biggest challenges for the management of said housing. If you manage a senior care facility, this type of package room can be a real life saver because you will no longer have to divert staffing resources from other key functions such as maintenance, safety, and providing a better overall experience to the clients and their families. If a modern package handling solution is not on offer, keep looking. Your loved ones deserve better.

Fast Internet Connectivity

Because of carrier contracts and inscrutable broadband laws, much of the population is restricted to one or two carrier options. That means that not every place is created equally when it comes to internet connectivity. There are enormous obstacles to broadband adoption in many places. Try to avoid such places when looking for a home for your aging parents.

A blazing fast internet connection is not just for gamers with too much time on their hands. One of the most cherished forms of communication for parents is the video call. A common complaint from people living in senior facilities is the feeling of being cut off from the people they love. A video call helps in bridging that gap. You also have to realize that today’s senior citizens are a lot more tech savvy. We already have Twitter and Facebook seniors. The next generation will be Tik-Tok and snapchat seniors. Their connectivity needs are the same as yours. Be sure that is available to them.

Ways to Remain Active

One of the biggest determiners of a long and healthy life is the amount of activity you do. Rocking chairs are good for short-term relaxation, but bad for long-term health. If a senior living facility is rich in rocking chairs and poor in activities, it is the wrong place for your parents. There should be signs of healthy outdoor life. Seniors should be encouraged to go on walks, do yoga, and other light activities. Anything that encourages healthy motion is typically a good thing for anyone. People get less active as they get older. Beside their new home is one that encourages activity.

Aging is never fun nor easy. But it can be less painful when you prioritize package handling, broadband connectivity, and physical activity.