Summer Fun – New LifeStyles Way

Graduations are happening everywhere, traffic is lightening up and vacation season is under way.  Its summertime and we all want to relax a bit, enjoy the sun and have some fun.

How can we help? Well, we are always here to help you get more views to your marketing materials, more calls and more clicks to you placement on  But, how about a little extra incentive!

  1.  How abouta full page at half page rate in a New LifeStyles publication for new advertisers or past advertisers that have been out for two editions?

  2. Maybe a free online addition for existingclients (up to a $90 value), just mention this blog.

  3. Once again for the new or past advertiser community offering two levels of care – two listings for the price of one.

  4. Virtual tours and photo shoots are usually bestthis time of year, with a lot of greenery and spring cleaning and enhancements!  Mention this blog and receive a $100 discount.

  5. Have some extra time to focus on your website?  You can get a website analysis for free and 10% off the website package of your choice.

Just call or e-mail us by 6/20 to take advantage and make summer even better!  With many new clients and communities added over the last few months, this is the perfect time and perfect deal start setting the table for new residents and clients for the 2ndhalf of the year.

The following guides are in progress and publishing during the summer:



Southeastern Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)


San Antonio



Feel free to ask about circulation and web search statisticsfor these markets.

Please contact us today for more information of our upcoming guides, 2016 media kit and rate card, our web site and/or a new site foryou.  Enjoy your summer and let New LifeStyles make it even better!

Thanks!   Doug