Responding to Online Reviews in Senior Living


Online reviews are becoming very important in senior living. For the most part, when a potential resident views online reviews, it is their first impression about your community. While we all hope to have positive reviews that reflect the excellent service you show to current and potential residents, sometimes a reviewer may want to raise concerns about your community, which could result in a negative review.

These types of situations are inevitable. However, whether the review is positive or negative, it is important to respond to the reviewer to show potential residents as well as the initial reviewer, that you are listening to their feedback and care about their opinion. Here are a few tips on how to handle online reviews.

Always Respond

Whether or not the review is positive or negative it is imperative to respond. A good way to start your reply is with a “Thank you”. Thank the reviewer for their input about your community, and taking the time to write the review. If the review is positive thank the reviewer for pointing out the positive aspects of your community and explain to them why your community continues to display these positive aspects. Next, if the review is negative be sure to apologize for the inconvenience or bad experience. If the discussion furthers offer to discuss the situation with the customer offline so you can attempt to correct the situation in a different medium.

Share your events with the reviewers

In addition to thanking reviewers for their feedback, be sure to invite them to any events your community is hosting. Not only is this a way for your reviewers to feel engaged in your community; It is a good way to bring in potential residents who were already reading your reviews and are considering your community. Lastly, if the review was negative this could be a great time to invite the potential resident back and address the concerns they had.

Advertise any changes you have made

In both negative and positive reviews be sure to highlight any changes you have made to your community. Whether your campus has been renovated, hired new management or started a new orientation program, it’s always nice to show that you are constantly making changes and improving your community.

Responding to online reviews may be difficult, but doing so you can help to continuously grow the positive representation of your community. Follow these tips to make responding to reviews effortless and efficient. Let us know if you respond to your online reviews?