Help with Choosing a Memory Care Community and Dealing with Memory Loss

The Memory Center

When you are considering a memory care community for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s, you must make sure that the care that’s provided meets the needs of your loved one. Someone who knows all about this is Katrina Parker. She is the Corporate Director of Marketing at The Memory Center. Katrina has been in the memory care industry for almost 20 years and got into this business when she volunteered at a young age and in college.

The Memory Center has three memory communities that are located in Atlanta, Georgia; Virginia Beach, Virginia and Richmond, Virginia. “We are looking to expand to other cities in the south for the future,” Katrina said in a recent interview. “We will expand to South Carolina, Tennessee and other cities in Georgia.” The Memory Center in Atlanta is currently under construction and will be opening up very soon.

When it comes to choosing an appropriate memory care community for your loved one, Katrina said that families should ask the right questions to make sure that community can take care of them through all the stages and end of life. It is a good idea to take tours of at least three communities to find one that you and your loved one connect with and provides the proper care. For instance, The Memory Center is specially designed for the cognitively impaired. The community focuses on their design with the Town Center concept, which makes it interactive for their residents and makes memorable visits for both the residents and their family members. Their care team and medical director addresses the needs of those living with memory loss.

“Filled with natural light, our safe indoor and outdoor spaces allow for freedom of movement and independence, including a Town Center, a secure courtyard and walking trails,” Katrina said. “Our whole building is set up in a town-like setting and a living home environment because we really want to give them the meaning of life.”

The Memory Center believes that the challenging conditions of an aging brain are met with care and interactive communities designed around the individual. They are optimized to enhance the quality of life for their residents.

Katrina said that every person with memory loss needs to know that they are valued, cared about, loved and needed. Our team and care staff can do simple tasks for loved ones that can make them feel treasured. “Photos, songs, a dance, pet visits, a walk down memory lane, sharing a simple hug or even having a good laugh can help them feel better and make them smile.”

People often change with the disease process. “One of my favorite stories is that I once had a family share that their dad was never a social person growing up, but once they moved him into a memory care community, he became very social,” Katrina said. “The family didn’t realize that the disease process made him change too. He was at home not thriving, but when he came to the community, he started to flourish and it brought back life to him.”

If you are looking for a secure memory care community in the Atlanta area, or Virginia, then consider The Memory Center! Click to find a memory care community in another area with the help of New LifeStyles.