Senior Living Marketing: Ask Interesting Questions, Get Interesting Promotional Material (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article on how to get high quality marketing material for your senior living community simply by asking the seniors. Rather than promoting what you think will be popular, by talking to the current members of your community and asking interesting questions, you can get a variety of interesting and praise-filled answers that will be much more persuasive promotional copy than simply highlighting the menu again. Last time we talked about showing a sense of adventure and putting the spotlight on favorite amenities. Join us as we pick up where we left off with welcoming family topics.

Provide A Warm Family Welcome

One of the biggest fears for both seniors and their loving relatives is that an assisted living facility will create distance. They have a hard time imagining where they’ll meet with their parents or grandparents and how enjoyable visits can be when hosted in your venue. While adults are content to sit and talk anywhere well-lit and comfy, families often worry about how child-friendly a facility will be for visiting grandchildren. To answer all of these questions, ask around for the answer to:

What do grandchildren like to do when they come visit?

You may get a dozen different answers to this question and all of them will be unique and valuable illustrations of family visits and child-friendly activities. Your seniors will enjoy the opportunity to talk about their grandchildren and the stories they tell will serve as both encouragement and comfort to new residents who want visits with younger relatives to be enjoyable and welcoming.

Celebrate Strong Friendships

Many seniors experience a social renaissance when they join an assisted living community because they are suddenly surrounded by many other people their own age. While sharing interests and building friendships can happen anywhere from quiet card games to walks in the garden, you can show off your fantastic socializing opportunities by answering the simple question:

Where do residents socialize the most?

The stories and answers that this question will inspire will be a combination of your best locations and personal preferences that will highlight the social life of your senior community. Whether you have a beautiful grove of trees, an enchanting fire pit for evening gatherings, or even a fantastic games room, the personal accounts of resident’s favorite social activities are sure to create engaging material for your promotional needs.

Seniors and families today want to hear real stories about how your facility handles everything from family visits to self-enrichment. Whatever is special or most enjoyed about your senior living community, ask your residents and staff to share their side of things with future members to create a truly personalized marketing campaign.

For more interesting tips on promoting your senior living community or services, contact us today! See part one!