Senior Living Marketing: Ask Interesting Questions, Get Interesting Promotional Material (Part 1)

Senior living businesses across the country are looking for new ways to spice up their marketing campaigns to appeal to modern seniors and their adult family members. Whether you’re printing brochures, writing inbound marketing articles, or shooting promotional video the key is to engage your audience with answers to questions you know they’re asking. That said, when every facility you’re competing with is doing the same series of posts on floor plans and menus, you can show where your community shines by answering questions your audience hasn’t thought to ask yet but will love the answers to. By running your campaign like a game of Table Topics, you have a wonderful opportunity to bring out the best of your facility, staff, activities, and dynamic senior population with a few simple question-based techniques.

Display Your Sense of Adventure

A lot of seniors who join an assisted living community aren’t done being independent and adventurous, which is why you host the occasional excursion and field trip to the delight of everyone involved. Rather than simply listing an itinerary, tell a story answering the question:

Tell us about the most adventurous excursion that happened this year.”

Do you go on boating trips, bungee jumping, or zip-line excursions? Even an exciting game of mini-golf is a worthy topic if your residents enjoyed themselves a great deal. Instead of a classic promotional description, ask your residents and staff to give their personal stories of the experiences and print them as told or separated into the best clips. Modern consumers are looking for honesty and a certain genuine quality to promotional material and will delight in hearing the personal tales of elderly adventure that they or their older relatives could enjoy if they chose to join your community.

Highlight The Community’s Favorite Amenities

Amenities, those wonderful little extras that make a retirement community so enjoyable, are among your best selling points. Of course, listing them on an itinerary is less than ideally promotional. If you really want to give future residents a chance to understand just how relaxing and fun your amenities can be, ask your current seniors!

“What’s your favorite thing to do here in the community?”

This is likely where you’re going to get the widest variety of answers because everyone likes something different about their retirement community. Some will enthusiastically describe the projects they’ve worked on in the arts and crafts room, some will be adore the opportunity to swim every day, and of course, and some will mention how much they enjoy the variety of games they can play with friends in the clubhouse. Then, of course, there will always be one or two who claim their favorite dessert as an amenity all it’s own.

The seniors in your retirement community are your best asset when it comes to marketing because they’re intimately familihttp://blog/senior-living-marketing-ask-interesting-questions-get-interesting-promotional-material-part-2ar with all the best parts of being one of your residents. But, of course, this is only the first half of our two-part article on how to get fantastic marketing material by talking to the seniors around you. For the rest, stay tuned for part two!