Marketing Your Community and Products to Seniors


Although more and more seniors are using the Internet for their news and even getting on Facebook as a way to stay in touch with their families, some of them still like to have a paper in their hands. Marketing your community and products to seniors online is great, but having physical copies of your information is a good idea too.

Marketing through a doctor’s office is an effective way of reaching a senior. Many seniors have regular appointments with their doctors and many times are looking for something to read when they are waiting for their doctor to see them. They could read something like a magazine that’s available for them in doctor’s offices and hospitals.

When designing your ad piece, ask yourself the day­-old question about how your product benefits seniors. Think long and hard about your call to action and keep the purpose of your product or service fresh on the minds of your consumers.

A direct mailer is also a proven age old strategy and going back to the basics of letters and snail mail is an excellent channel of marketing. This either in print ad form or an effective sales letter. A television ad is another method that would reach a senior. Daytime spots are cheaper than primetime spots and for the leisurely senior, this is perfectly fine.

Another good channel to market through is family of seniors or their caregivers. A lot of people in the industry want to see their clients succeed and live a fulfilling life. How does your product benefit that agenda?

These are many effective ways to reach the senior market. Try to keep emphasis on the benefits they receive from your product or service and remember to respect those living in their golden years.

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