How to Maintain Active Longevity

Research suggests that genes influence life expectancy by only 25%, but the remaining 75% is determined by our lifestyle. Therefore, to maintain health and longevity, you need desire and determination. There is no formula for eternal health and youth, but it is within our power to make our lives brighter and more interesting by simply becoming healthier by adhering to simple recommendations.

How to stay healthy after retirement

The first and most important secret of longevity is a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition in old age allows you to stay healthy, physically active, and enjoy a full life. One of the most important requirements is to reduce the total caloric content of the diet. The number of calories should strictly correspond to the actual energy expenditures of the elderly. Only by observing moderation in nutrition, you can prevent excessive weight gain at this age.

In old age, the acidity of gastric juice and the secretion of the pancreas decreases, intestinal motility weakens. Such changes require an appropriate choice of foods and their certain culinary treatment.  Particular attention should be paid to foods rich in vitamins, and mineral elements – calcium, iron, iodine, copper, which are necessary for the renewal of the deteriorating enzyme systems.

The role of aromatics and flavors is increasing in the diet of the elderly. Use spicy vegetables: dill, parsley, onions, horseradish, garlic, etc., which have a stimulating effect on the appetite.

Now, many nutritionists on social media generate a lot of useful nutrition tips, share recipes and cooking secrets. Even though experts in this field invest a lot in their promotion and buy real Instagram followers, ads, etc., they share their experiences for free.

Regular exercise is very necessary because as a person gets older, he loses muscle mass, so there is sagging, uneven skin. Physical exercises develop flexibility, others increase strength, and others raise endurance. Physical activity reduces stress levels and stimulates the production of happiness hormones. Interval training with alternating loads, like walking and running, squats, and stretching are considered effective. It’s important at any age, but at an older age, it’s essential!

Psychohygiene in old age

Aging begins when a person stops striving for something. Many people find after retirement that they have a great opportunity to pursue a hobby that they just didn’t have time for before. Any hobby keeps you interested in life. Moreover, it’s a way to make new friends and acquaintances, enjoy new or long-loved forms of entertainment, keep you mentally active and physically fit. 

You can also engage in self-education, learn foreign languages, start some new businesses, be self-sufficient. A new period of life can be a time for you to learn new skills and develop hidden talents.

Now, a lot of elderly people actively master the digital space and package their great life experiences in the form of a blog on Instagram. Some grandmother-bloggers have become famous for giving life advice: how to raise grandchildren, how to shop economically in the supermarket, how to choose inexpensive and stylish clothes.

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Many retirees start to get excited about the idea of travel. All tours for pensioners are united by several important parameters, the observance of which will help to return from a trip rested, full of strength and energy. Firstly, the climate should be as close as possible to the climate of the region where you live, without sudden temperature changes. Secondly, the optimal time that should be laid on the road is no more than four hours by plane. Changing time zones in adulthood is perceived more acutely, and adaptation to a new time will cause discomfort.

To sum up, retirement can be filled with a sense of satisfaction and relaxation after years of hard work. The right psychological approach, along with careful practical preparation, will help you make the fall of your life truly golden.