How to Care for Your Senior Parents Living in Roseville?

Roseville, California is known for its top-notch senior care options. It ranks #9 as the best city to retire in. Moreover, it ranked 27th on the list of the most desirable cities. That means seniors can access high-quality caregiving and safety in Roseville. 

Approximately 13% of the city’s population are seniors. Do your parents want to live in Roseville after retirement? Then, helping them live independently requires proper planning. 

For instance, you must plan household maintenance, transportation, financial management, and medical care. However, you cannot do that while living outside California. 

That is where a home care service or senior living community comes into play. Even then, your older parents might prefer living in their family home instead of in assisted living communities. In this blog, we will discuss whether your parents can live independently and why you should choose a home care service. 

Can Your Senior Parents Live Independently in Roseville?

Statistics suggest over 50% of older adults want to live in their current homes. Technically, your parents’ desire to remain independent becomes more prominent as they grow older. Hence, they might wish to continue living in their Roseville homes and community. Approximately 28% of seniors live alone in the city.

Therefore, you must support their desire and ensure their well-being. A few ways to do that are: 

  • Focusing on open communication through mutual respect 
  • Checking up regularly and performing health assessments 
  • Planning for their finances and offering legal help

As Roseville residents, your parents will have access to various retail shops and a low crime rate. The summer in this city is warm, perfect for the aging population. Moreover, the city hosts multiple social engagements and brain-stimulating activities. 

Similarly, the east-west connectivity in Roseville will also improve by 2025. Hence, it ensures your senior parents do not feel isolated in their old age. However, remember to organize their homes before you let them live alone. For instance, you can declutter, install home security, and store items in easy-to-access areas. 

Signs That Your Parents Need Help

Most older adults over 65 years will require home care assistance. However, your parents might not accept the help because they will feel like a burden to you. That’s why you should talk to them and tell them the benefits of hiring a home care company in Roseville. Examples include better independence, comfort, and personalized care.

Moreover, remember to stay positive and empathetic while talking to them. Also, you should let them have autonomy over the decision. You can provide options and start making small changes around their home. 

But how do you know if your parents require home care assistance? For that, you can look for the following tell-tale signs:

  • Unattended and untidy home
  • Disregard for hygiene
  • Unusual clutter in the house 
  • Neglecting or forgetting medications 
  • Lack of nutritious meals in the home
  • Weird bruising on the body 
  • Change in mood and increased irritability 
  • Unpaid utility bills 
  • Forgetfulness and inability to perform regular duties

If your parents show these signs, licensed professionals from these companies can help them live a better life. According to Always Better Care, these services offer 24/7 supervision, companionship, meal preparation, laundry, and more. 

Home care services also help your parents with transportation and escort them to activities. Currently, 4,502 seniors are living alone in Roseville. Most of them accept assistance from home care services in the city. 

5 Tips to Find a Home Care Agency for Your Senior Parents

Home care services can provide exceptional comfort to your parents during their golden years. Hence, you must follow these tips to find a trustworthy home care company:

  1. Assess your parents’ needs based on the signs mentioned above 
  2. Choose from the 49 home care agencies available in Roseville 
  3. Research and compare the services provided, price, etc.
  4. Check the agency’s licensing and credentials 
  5. Analyze the care plans available and their flexibility options

Furthermore, you can check the company’s reputation and ask for references. You can also conduct interviews with the care providers before hiring one. 

The Bottom Line

As your parents grow older, their ability to perform basic tasks deteriorates. Hence, you should hire a home care company in the city to assist them with everything. Statistics suggest the American home care service industry was worth USD 129.9 billion in 2022. Similarly, the California market amounted to USD 10.83 billion, with over 49,540 home care companies.

Of course, living in Roseville gives your parents access to diverse amenities and a good quality of life. Moreover, the city focuses on local leisure activities for seniors. Examples include chair yoga classes, mystery book clubs, golfing, and gardening activities. Hence, the city of Roseville in California would be great for your senior parents’ mental and physical health. 

Even then, home care services in the city can enhance your parents’ lives as they enjoy their golden years in Roseville. The home care professionals you hire will offer a safe and affordable care option for your parents. In short, these services give you peace of mind if you live away from your parents.