Aging With Dignity: How Seniors Can Spend Their Golden Years at Home

Aging in place is the new trend for seniors in the US, even as the country has thousands of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities to serve them. Statistics show that only 4% of American seniors opt for nursing home care, and 2% of them choose assisted-living facilities. 

A growing number of cases of elderly abuse and neglect in these facilities are perhaps the main reason. According to estimates, one in 10 people over 60 has experienced some form of abuse in institutional settings. Moreover, the cost of these facilities is high, making them out of reach for many families. 

Whatever your reason for choosing to spend your golden years at home, it can be a good decision. The choice between aging at home and in a facility is a hard one. The question haunts people living in states like North Carolina, where the population is aging fast. Statistics show that 20% of the state’s population will be over 65 by 2028. 

If you or a loved one is inching close to seniority, you need to have a plan well before time. Here are a few tips to help you live at home during your twilight years. 

Consider Your Existing Living Arrangement

Your master plan depends on your living arrangement. Do you live alone or with your family? Do your children reside in another state or country? Does your home have the security features apt for senior living? Answering these questions will enable you to plan for the long haul.

You can find solutions such as relocating closer to your kids, moving into an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) with your family, or making modifications to your property. A nursing home or assisted living facility shouldn’t be the only option if your living arrangement does not match your long-term needs. You can always work out things with timely planning.

Find a Reliable Home Care Agency

Did you know that 35% of persons aged over 70 have mobility limitations? Likewise, 10% of the elderly in the country have Alzheimer’s. The numbers are likely higher in aging states like North Carolina and California.

Choosing to spend your twilight years at home means you should plan for such contingencies. You will need help with personal care, even if you live with your family. A home care agency is a good alternative, providing personalized care in the comfort of your home.

Fortunately, such services are available in all locations, even in relatively small cities like Chapel Hill. You can search online to find a home care agency in Chapel Hill to address your senior-care requirements. Besides offering the comfort of being in your space, home care is relatively less expensive than nursing homes. 

Always Best Care Senior Services notes that in-home elderly care covers services such as meal prep, laundry, personal care, medication reminders, and daily errands. Seniors with special needs can rely on them for dementia care, hospice services, and surgery recovery.

Emphasize Good Health

Good health is the mainstay of aging with dignity. Nearly 95% of the elderly in the US suffer from at least one chronic condition. At least 80% of them have two or more health problems. 

You shouldn’t be a part of these statistics if you want to experience the joy of aging at home. Emphasizing good health can help you fulfill the goal. You should start working on it sooner rather than later, and follow ongoing self-care practices.

Here are a few ways to enjoy good health as a senior:

  • Choose a balanced diet with ample nutrition to address the needs of your aging body. Opt for foods that are easy to chew and digest. Also, choose means that are simple to cook.
  • Steer clear of a sedentary lifestyle as it compounds the risk of obesity and other age-related chronic conditions.
  • Get regular health checks and preventive diagnostics to detect diseases early and get timely treatment.
  • Watch out for signs of cognitive decline and seek help at the earliest signs of mental health problems.
  • Pay attention to safety measures to avoid fall risks, kitchen mishaps, and medication management errors.


Aging with dignity is the best gift you can give yourself as a senior. Spending your golden years at home sets you up for safety, comfort, and happiness. However, seniors and their loved ones may feel apprehensive about missing out on professional assistance. A home care agency is an ideal solution as it offers convenient services right at your place and at a price lower than a nursing home and assisted living centers.