How CareCard Saves Seniors Money

Many seniors find that saving money is important since many sadly find themselves on a fixed or limited income. At the same time that their income is shrinking, many seniors find that as they age they end up having to take more and more prescriptions. Without a program such as CareCard these prescription costs can quickly grow out of control. No senior wants to have to choose between paying for food or paying for prescriptions. Instead all seniors would prefer to have extra money in their pocket so they can enjoy their family, friends, and passions more fully since they often find themselves having more free time once they have reached retirement. CareCard helps seniors enjoy their lives to the fullest and have less financial worries which is what we all hope for.

What is CareCard?

CareCard is a program that helps seniors keep more of their own money. CareCard is useful because it is a discount card for prescriptions that allows seniors to save upwards of 85% on the prescriptions they use every day. While this might sound too good to be true, in truth CareCard really is able to find the best available prices for all the prescriptions that a senior might have. These deep discounts mean if a senior has even one prescription (and many have many more) CareCard can make a big impact that they can see in their bank balances.

How Does CareCard?

CareCare works by finding the best possible price for each prescription, often even beating the prices that insurance plans offer. CareCard is a free coupon card that does not require approvals or paperwork so seniors don’t have to defend why they need a particular prescription from their doctor nor have to worry about choosing a formulation that works with their insurance instead of a formulation that works the best for them and their body. Seniors and their doctors are able to put their health first instead of putting the cost of a prescription first. 

All seniors need to do is show their coupon to their pharmacist and save up to 85% instantly. CareCard partners with major pharmacy chains including over 35,000 local pharmacies nationwide to find seniors the best prices. This also means they will know the cost ahead of time so therefore decreasing situations where seniors are unable to pick up a prescription simply because the cost is too great.

How Does a Prescription Discount Program Improve Health?

Many seniors find that as they age their bodies do not function as well as they used to. Seniors often experience more aches and pains and can later experience more chronic conditions that need to be managed so that they can have the best standard of living possible. There are a number of ways seniors can stay healthy including staying active, reducing stress, and getting enough rest. In addition seniors can make sure that they take all prescriptions they have been given by their doctors in the amounts they have been told to take. When the prescriptions they need cost too much, seniors can be tempted to skip days or take half doses so that their medical budget can stretch a little further. Having affordable prescription drugs means that seniors can make healthy choices and put their own health above all else.

What About Medicare?

Most seniors get their insurance through Medicare. In this case they often need to get an additional Medicare Part D plan for prescriptions. Determining what is the best Medicare Part D plan for a senior can be a lengthy process depending on the number of prescriptions and often in the end the prescriptions still cost a lot of money. This is why having an additional prescription discount card such as CareCard can make such a difference.

The cost of prescription drugs can be a major hindrance to seniors being able to live their best lives as they reach their golden years. CareCard can help make prescription drugs affordable for seniors allowing them to have access to the medicines that they need to thrive. Seniors should be able to enjoy themselves surrounded by family and friends and not spend all their time worrying about how they will pay for their prescription drugs. CareCard helps make this a reality.