Five Tips for Organizing a Memorable Retirement Party

Retirement isn’t something that comes to everyone, so it’s definitely a milestone for celebration and justifies a party to help commemorate it. These parties can mix sweet nostalgia and lingering longing for the work-life the retiree leaves behind. As a celebration, therefore, retirement parties need to be a perfect balance of a fun event and a testimony to the person’s commitment to their career.

No doubt, retirement in and of itself is a major accomplishment in life, so it’s best to celebrate in a way that the retiree can genuinely enjoy. Of course, not all retirees want the same thing, and cluelessness should never be an excuse for organizing a careless party. To help make this easier for you, we’ve gathered up several handy tips to help make the going-away party for your retiring coworker truly memorable.

Do Your Research

To throw off the perfect retirement party, research is king! You’ll want to be sure to find out all you can about the retiree and plan the party around the information you find. Some things you need to look into can include the guests, the theme, and the food and drinks.

The Guests

Find out who are the people the retiree wants and doesn’t want to come to their party. This step saves you from sneaking in surprise guests that your celebrant may not find welcome and make the event uncomfortable. Also, ask how to seat guests so that there are fewer chances of seating together people who might not find each other’s company agreeable, like old work rivals or feuding family members.

The Theme

Ask the person themselves what theme they want in their party. If they don’t know what they want, ask them about their favorites and then help them choose what to include (for example, if the guest of honor likes fishing, then let it be a fishing-themed party or, better yet, a party that involves actual fishing).

Food and Drinks

Good food equals good memories. Include food that the celebrant will enjoy, as well as classic party favorites. Be considerate of the eating preferences of the guests by asking if they have restrictions before you prepare or order the food. These can include things like food allergies or intolerances, a preferred diet such as vegetarianism or veganism, or if their faith requires a specific diet. 

Some of your guests may be taking prescription medicines that may not mix well with alcohol, either. These can include medication for hypertension, hydroxyzine for anxiety, or any other prescriptions. Ask the bartender to replace alcoholic drinks with delicious non-alcoholic mocktails as a replacement for these guests.

Plan Out the Budget

Work with the budget allotted for the event. This step often means finding better deals for the caterer, venue decoration, and other considerations. If the budget is tight, ask for help from your coworkers or your family members. If they are willing to DIY some things, like decor or party favors, you can save a lot by going this route. Be ready to compromise!

Choose the Right Venue

Choosing where to celebrate the party is a part of the event’s success. Again, you’ll want to check with the retiree and have them list down at least three venues as options (just in case the one they like the most isn’t available). After choosing the venue, check the accommodations and inclusions for the venue rental. For instance, does it include the use of the getting-ready room for the celebrant to dress up and prepare for the party?

Make Everything About the Retiree

The retiree should absolutely be the center of the celebration, so you want to be sure that you make it all about them. That said, the food, drink, and ambiance should always be tailored to the celebrant’s personal preferences and tastes. Also, it would be best if no one among the invited had drama issues or anything that could steal the spotlight from the celebrant.

Be Aware of Dietary Restrictions

The organizer must cover all bases so everyone can have an enjoyable party. This includes the dietary restrictions of the celebrant, the celebrant’s family, and those of all of the other guests. Be sure to inquire about the food allergies the celebrant and their guests might have, as well. Nothing is more disappointing and upsetting than having someone get sick during your party. 

However, if the celebrant or a guest does feel unwell during the party, it’s important to check on them and help them. Helping them get their prescribed medicines is a must, and this step is crucial if the unwell individual is a senior citizen who needs the medicine to stay healthy. Also, arrange accommodations for guests who have some issues with mobility (like wheelchair users) and assign a safe space in the venue where they could stay comfortably.

Plan Your Co-Worker’s Party Today!

A retirement party is one of the best celebrations that someone saying goodbye to their career can have. Planning every aspect of the retirement party allows for a memorable event for the retiree, friends, and family to cherish forever. It does not need to be a dull or sad or glum event, but instead, a fitting tribute to someone at the end of their career. And by following these five tips, you can help ensure that it’s a party they talk about for years to come!