Fall Activities for Caregivers


The Fall weather and changing leaves are finally upon us (or coming soon for those of us in the South), after a long hot summer. Below are a few simple, inexpensive and fun activities that are perfect for you to try with your loved one!

·        Decorate the House

Since Fall is usually associated with pumpkins and leaves,try making and putting up fun decorations around the house. This is not only a creative activity, but it will surely put you and your loved one in the mood for the Fall holidays. Draw and paint pictures of pumpkins and leaves. You can also create your own leaf garland by gathering fallen leaves from your backyard. Put the leaves onto a string, using needle and thread or glue, and secure the garland onto the edge of a table or across a door frame to add instant fall color.

·        Bake Fall Treats

Spend some bonding time with your loved one by preparing some yummy homemade treats for the Fall season. Bake sugar cookies in the shape of pumpkins and leaves and decorate them with colorful icings. Look for recipes together and try making a pumpkin pie, an apple pie or even a pumpkin cheesecake!

·        Work on Jigsaw Puzzles

Look for a Fall-themed jigsaw puzzle that you and your loved one can work on together. Sitting at a table, drinking apple cider and putting puzzle pieces together with your loved one is a great and easy way to celebrate the season.

Admire the Outdoors

Go outside with your loved one and take some time to relax and admire the leaves changing colors. The Fall season is a wonderful time to go to a nearby park or stroll through your neighborhood to breathe the fresh, crisp air and hear the crunch of fallen leaves as you walk.

Keep these ideas in mind this Fall so that you and your  loved one can celebrate the season in easy and affordable ways. No matter how you spend celebrating Fall’s arrival, the important thing is that you are spending quality time with your loved one and having fun!


Remember that many senior centers, adult day care & respite (temporary care) providers do crafts, field trips, and other fun Fall activities that your loved one might enjoy too!