Debunking the Myths About Senior Living

Seniors Image

by: Eugenia B.

When it comes to senior living and senior activity, it’s a held belief that living in a senior community can have less to offer than other living arrangements. However, for most of the senior communities located in cities and towns across the country, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s take a few moments to demystify some of these misconceptions surrounding these communities, and paint a realistic, clear picture of seniors and senior living.

Myth 1: “Living in a senior community is not affordable.”

While many seniors (although not all) paid off their homes and enjoy being mortgage free, things like property taxes, utility bills, insurance, summer and winter maintenance costs can add up quickly, and never go away as a homeowner. Add on the monthly price tag of regular medical care, and the cost of choosing to live in an independent living community alongside other seniors can be on par with staying in your home. Personalized, around the clock care, living with other of similar age, and having access to activities and community events — depending on a senior’s priorities or health — may even make the option of a senior community more enticing.

Myth 2: “When you say senior care community, you might as well say nursing home.”

Many people think that these two very different establishments are synonymous, but that simply isn’t true. Being part of an independent community means that your lifestyle transforms into one that is more care-free, but not restricted. For example, planning ahead to get assistance for physically intensive tasks, or circumstance that requires a level of premeditation can be taken out of the equation once in a senior community. Senior living communities are places where activities, clubs, fitness classes, and excursions are all organized for you and are in a central location. A level of amenity, independence and social elements are all kept in mind that many “homes” don’t provide. Clear research, a visit to the community and keeping in mind what is best for the senior are all highly recommended, and the best way to dispel this level of thinking.

Myth 3: “Moving to one of these communities will isolate me from family and friends.”

There’s no compelling reason to think you’ll see the people you care about less frequently. Senior communities don’t keep your family and friends from visiting or spending the day with you; in fact, visits are happily encouraged. How? Many communities have a number of different options for hosting your loved ones. Whether it’s a visit in the common area, outdoor picnic events or barbecues, the on-premise cafe, the clubhouse… a chance to meet with the people you care about doesn’t go away. If anything, space may increase for these opportunities to happen more often.

Myth 4: “I won’t like the food.”

Would it surprise you to learn that many senior living communities take great pride in offering sumptuous meals to their residents each and every day? Chefs, culinary professionals and dieticians are only some of the staff these communities employ to ensure every meal eaten is flavourful, varied, and nutritional.

Myth 5: “I’ll be bored.”

Where and when this particular myth was derived is difficult to say. Considering that these communities employ a staff of activity coordinators whose job involves planning frequent events, outings, and classes, you’ll likely find that your social calendar is as full as it ever was — if not more.

If some of these myths sound like things you’ve been thinking or worrying about, you aren’t the only one. Hopefully, you can now count yourself among those who are willing to consider that senior living communities can be amazing and fulfilling places to live. We hope that this article helped dispel some myths — or brought up items you weren’t even thinking about — so you can make an informed, clear and unbiased decision for you, a loved one, or relative or senior you know.