Happy New Year

Traffic was back to normal today, although schools had one more day out, so it felt like the holidays are over.  If you still have your Christmas decorations up, not sure what to say.  Most budgets have been set and while time is still being used to wrap up 2018, most energy is spent figuring out the best way to spend your dollars in 2019 and make the best of your community.

Making the most of allotted marketing dollars in this day and age is a tough proposition in our industry.  Limited dollars, high expectations and immediate needs.  New LifeStyles has been part of your solution since 1987 and we have evolved to meet the needs of today’s senior living and care community.

What do you get from New LifeStyles in 2019?

  • Extensive distribution in your community aimed at your demographic
  • Leads from qualified seniors and families
  • A great new site with a 30% improvement over last year, maximizing its clients return on investment.
  • A Mobile site with full search capabilities that can lead people right to your door
  • Changes in the guide to better feature our paid advertisers.

All of this for one cost that will meet your budget.  Is this the year you need a new web site in order to be up to date and mobile responsive?  Our web design group has over 350 sites live in your industry.

These area guides are currently in progress, call or email today for information:



San Antonio

Washington DC


Get started the right way in 2019 with New LifeStyles.   I am personally waiting for your call and will figure out some way to help you.   Thanks!   Doug

(Call me direct at 877-519-1683 or e-mail @ Doug@newlifestyles.com )