Common Health Concerns for Seniors and How to Prevent Them

When it comes to keeping track of one’s overall health, it’s widely known that seniors have the most trouble doing so. This is because the body’s natural ability to heal slows down as we age, and it becomes increasingly easy to develop very severe ailments. As such, knowing what you can potentially expect ahead of time is crucial to making the necessary lifestyle changes while you still can. These are some common health concerns for seniors and what you can do now to mitigate your symptoms later.

Cognitive Deterioration

Mental decline is one of the most devastating things that can happen to us as we age. From lapses in memory to difficulty solving problems, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain our same level of thinking during our later years. Because of this, it’s vital that you remain aware of the signs you may be developing Alzheimer’s or dementia, and keep your brain active with daily puzzles and complex activities. Fortunately, basic mental processes like memory can be improved in several ways.

Development of COPD

Respiratory conditions are also a common health concern for seniors, as they’re quicker to worsen without the proper treatment. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, is one such ailment that’s more likely to develop in those over 50 years old. It’s also among the leading causes of a decline in your overall physical wellness, as it can prevent you from getting oxygen into your lungs effectively. So, to keep yourself breathing freely, it’s important that you frequently monitor your oxygen saturation and check for abnormalities.

Vision or Hearing Loss

Just how cognitive deterioration can happen over time, seniors tend to slowly lose their hearing and seeing abilities as well. This occurs as a result of cataracts forming over the eyes and even cellular damage within the ears. Both of these conditions prevent these organs from sending proper signals to the brain, making it harder for it to interpret your surroundings. So, to help mitigate this loss, make sure you aren’t exposing your senses to intense sights or sounds.

For additional help managing the onset of these conditions, you can also reach out to a quality senior health or assisted living facility. These professionals have extensive experience working with older individuals and know all there is about tracking your overall well-being.