Amenities and Services to Offer at Your Assisted Living Community

Assisted living communities provide seniors with a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment to live when they’re no longer able to live alone. When searching for the best place to reside, most seniors and their families are looking beyond medical assistance and support. They’re essentially leaving their homes and want to find a place that makes them feel just as comfortable. That’s why it is extremely important for assisted living facility owners to invest in quality services and amenities to meet their target clients’ needs.

Medication Assistance

For seniors who are required to take medications to maintain their health, keeping up with the schedule isn’t always easy. Assisted living facilities should, therefore, offer medication management or assistance services. This service should include trained medical staff helping seniors with taking prescribed medications as instructed on a regular basis. 


Mobility is another issue that seniors commonly deal with. So, getting around the house or apartment to sweep, dust, mop, and vacuum isn’t so easy. A quality assisted living facility will have cleaning services available for their residents that will take care of all the household chores on a regular schedule. These services might also extend to laundry services ensuring that seniors have clean clothes and linens. 

Activities Room

Socialization is imperative for seniors and their overall quality of life. As getting out and about is likely not as easy as it once was, having a place where residents from the community can come together and have a good time is recommended. These activity rooms can have board games, cards, standing games (pool, ice hockey, etc), a television, and should also include activities like bingo, exercise classes, dance classes, and live events from musicians, bands, speakers, etc. 

Parcel Lockers

If there’s one thing seniors love doing, it’s buying things for themselves and their families. Though the internet makes it easy for them to shop for what they want and have it shipped to their door, these packages can easily be stolen. You can help to safeguard your seniors by investing in parcel lockers. These electronic locker systems make it easier for your residents to receive their packages. They receive updates and notifications of when the packages arrive and can visit the lockers to retrieve the items when it is most convenient for them. 


In a digitally inclined era, it is important for seniors to have access to computers. They use them for shopping, keeping in touch with relatives, and in some cases, for communicating with their doctors. Having a computer room, a few computers, and laptops, or at the very least, free internet access that seniors can use at their discretion is highly recommended. 

Pet Services

Many seniors have dogs and cats that they can’t imagine parting with when they relocate. Offering a pet-friendly environment at your assisted living facility makes the transition a lot easier. If there are going to be animals on the premises, however, you’ll also want to provide convenient services to make caring for them easier. A grooming or dog walking service, for example, would be greatly appreciated. 

Transportation Services

Not all seniors are able to drive themselves around anymore. However, they still need to get out on occasion. Whether it be to a doctor’s appointment or to a shopping mall for exercise and recreation they need a reliable means of transportation. Having a van that seniors can schedule trips with is the perfect way to meet their needs. Also scheduling monthly events for seniors like shopping trips, trips to museums, casino ventures, and more adds to their satisfaction.

Security Services

Unfortunately, seniors are the perfect targets for thieves and criminals. Home invasions and burglaries are very common. You want to make your residents feel like they’re safe in your community. One way of doing this is by installing a security system in the facility. Another option would be to hire security guards to stay on watch around the clock. 

As the owner of an assisted living facility, you want your residents to be safe, happy, and healthy while living in their units. By adding services and amenities such as those discussed above to your facility make that possible. Having such things available at your facility can also increase occupancy rates by leaps and bounds.