3 Steps to Increase Revenue

If you are a senior care business owner or marketing director, you’ve probably realized that marketing today is a lot different than it used to be. The days of being able to increase residents – and revenue – merely by referrals from healthcare facilities, medical professionals, and community events are long gone. So, what do you do to ensure that you attract more residents and boost revenue? Well, here are the 3 steps to increase revenue for your community:

Enhance Your Image

First impressions always matter. Since prospects will be judging your book by its cover on their first encounter, it’s imperative that you package your community in an attractive way. One area you have to work on is the building. Not only does it need to be beautifully and tastefully decorated and furnished, but it also needs to have all the features and amenities that seniors really want and need. Working on your image will motivate prospects to come onboard.

Hire the Right Staff

You could have the most beautiful community in the world, but if you don’t have the kind of staff that retains customers, then it will be all for nothing. You don’t want to hire family members, friends, or just anyone who needs a job. What you needs is kind, compassionate, friendly, and hardworking staff. In other words, you need staff members that know what senior care entails. You have to be willing to train them and pay them well to keep them. Make sure they are a fit for your residents.

Stand Out from the Competition

A Forbes report reveals that in 2014, there were 30,000+ assisted living facilities in the United States. That number has obviously risen since then. This goes to show that there’s a lot of competition to consider. To stand out from the competition, you need to identify a number of things that make yours truly unique. Be creative with your service offerings, pricing, and other features that will distinguish your home from other communities around.

You can boost your revenue by making sure that you are offering something that the competition isn’t, and then marketing that unique selling point. Present a top-notch senior living facility, hire diligent staff and offer a high level of care, and ensure that prospective clients hear about it.