5 Tips for Being More Effective When Marketing to Seniors

When marketing to seniors, you can’t use the same tactics that everyone uses to target the millennial audience. This is especially true when creating ad campaigns for your retirement living community. Here are some tips for marketing your retirement community to seniors and their loved ones.

Be Straightforward

Cute and catchy marketing slogans may work for the younger crowd, but older people generally want you to get to the point. Be straightforward and clear with your message. Clearly explain the benefits you provide.

Don’t Confuse Them

Remember that seniors may not be familiar with slang words and abbreviations. Even simple slang abbreviations like LOL may be unfamiliar to them. They may not know what various emojis signify either. Avoid referencing cultural fads that are popular among the young crowd.

Focus On Customer Experience

When marketing to seniors, always focus on providing the highest value. Emphasize this in your advertisements. A big part of this is having great customer support. Be authentic, caring, and helpful in your marketing campaigns and in the way you interact with new leads.

Use Sponsored Content

Consider using native advertising (sponsored material in a publication or website besides your own, often in the middle of another article) when marketing to seniors. You want to stay away from being overly promotional. Sponsored content and native advertising on other blogs can help you get the exposure you want without seeming too pushy.

Focus On Pain Points

Try to focus on your target demographic and place an emphasis on their pain points. If you are targeting a middle-aged daughter who wants the best for her elderly mother, for example, focus on the things that cause her pain and how you will alleviate it. In such a case, it might be her worrying about her mother while she is taking care of her children or trying to balance taking care of her mother and her responsibilities at work.

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