4 Ways to Increase the Safety of Seniors Who Have Fallen

Falls are the primary cause of injuries in seniors, and 1 in 4 Americans aged 65 and over falls every year. They naturally have a fear of falling again and so limit their social life. With just a few changes in their lives, however, they can more safely enjoy their golden years.

Safety Handles

Long past the days of Life Alert, safety handles are anyone’s best friend, but especially that of seniors. Install in bathtubs, on the wall opposite that of the staircase rail, and anywhere else your senior needs better balance or assistance standing up. Some are angled for corners and smoother upward mobility. Toilet safety frames are popular, too, and are adjustable.

Floor Mats

Polka dots, starfish, flowers, stripes, and other shapes make up shower safety stickers. Alternately, your senior might prefer a non-skin shower mat. Both of these options prevent falling on the slippery floor. Combine with handles for maximum safety.

Mobility Devices

Granny carts aren’t just for seniors anymore! They are popular with the younger crowd for a reason: They’re convenient for pedestrians and allow people to bring their groceries onto buses. Some of them fold up for easy storage, others are covered and most allow for placement of reusable canvas bags.

For disabled seniors, a variety of walkers with baskets and electric mobility scooters exist. The modern alternative to wheelchairs allows for greater speeds and independence. The risk of falling increases if the senior using a scooter is ill or weak, however.

Service Dog

Believe it or not, the creation of a service dog is not limited to special breeding and training from puppyhood. It is possible for a senior’s existing dog to be registered as a service animal. If their dog is well-mannered, stays on a leash, and can be trained to help the senior with a task or an emergency, they are eligible.

If a fall has occurred and rehab is needed, click to find a rehab. provider.