Help! My Mom Doesn’t Want to Move!

Moving can hold frightening and unpleasant connotations for the seniors in our lives. Many of our parents and grandparents have sown precious memories into their homes. You can’t blame them for not wanting to leave, but sometimes it becomes necessary.

Here are three ways you can help transition your loved one into accepting relocation with a smile:

  1. Be understanding – You must be able to place yourself in your loved one’s shoes. Take as much time as they need to discuss why the move is necessary, and listen to all of their worries or issues. It is important to really listen and work towards dispelling negative thoughts and emotions about the move. Assure them you will address every one of their concerns.
  2. Offer assistance – Make sure you are helping out in any way your senior needs you to. You can assist by scheduling the moving van, getting all of their belongings in order, and offering assistance to them every step along the way. Let your loved one know you are there for them. Make sure they are comfortable asking you for help by being available and kind. Being available is extremely important, try to clear your schedule so you have the proper time to assist your senior.
  3. Give incentive – It helps to let the senior in your life know exactly why this move is beneficial to them. Obviously, everyone’s reasons will be different, but there are some staples that will generally ring true for every situation. Let them know they will be embarking on a brand new adventure! This is their chance to learn about a new town or city, redecorate their new place, and make a plethora of new connections. Bring up that they will now be around many people their own age. They will be able to make a ton of new friends and share similar, yet different, memories.

Always hear your loved one out and make sure this move is right for them. Be considerate at all times of their wants and needs!

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