4 Clubs and Activities to Host at Your Senior Center

Most people assume that senior centers and assisted living facilities are quiet places, but the best ones aren’t. A thriving community for older adults should include plenty of clubs and activities for them to participate in. It’s actually one of the biggest draws for people looking at options for their loved ones. If you’re a senior center director, check out these four clubs and activities to host.

1. Model Train Club

Model trains are very popular with seniors. One of the many benefits of forming a model railroad club is that the members get a chance to socialize and make friends. They can share tools and ideas and build railroad layouts together. A club also offers people a chance to organize and exercise agency—your railroad club may even enjoy traveling to a local convention together.

2. Exercise Classes

Staying active is important. While “active” may look different for each of your residents, it’s still important for everyone to get some exercise. Activities like hiking can also be a fun hobby for seniors with arthritis, who may not be able to enjoy some of your other clubs and activities. And if hiking is too strenuous, often just a walk on a nature trail can bring a welcome change of pace.

3. Gardening Club

Have you ever thought about offering your seniors a community garden facility? It can be as simple as a shed for tools and a couple of raised planters. Or you can go all out and build a greenhouse. Either way, gardening is a relaxing hobby that calms the nerves and helps people enjoy being outside. Plus, you can include any home-grown veggies on the dinner menu!

4. Education Classes

Lots of people enjoy learning, no matter their age! Consider hosting classes, lectures, and even book clubs at your facility to give seniors a chance to continue their education. Some people may not have had the opportunity to attend college when they were young and will love getting to take classes as adults.

We hope you like these ideas for clubs and activities to host at your senior center. Remember that everyone needs fun activities, no matter their age!