3 Fun Hobbies for Seniors with Arthritis

Almost 60 million adults in the US suffer from arthritis, which means there are probably some people with arthritis in your retirement community. While arthritis affects each body differently, it may prevent some arthritis sufferers from participating in certain activities and hobbies. Luckily, there are some fun hobbies for seniors with arthritis that you can offer your community members. We describe three of those activities below.

Physical: Hiking

Many physical activities and hobbies are difficult for people with arthritis, especially if the arthritis affects the lower body. However, modified hiking is a great exercise opportunity for everyone, including those with arthritis. Your retirement community can take a group on a local hiking adventure, so people can get out and explore the great outdoors safely. Plan a morning hike on level terrain to reduce the amount of potentially-painful maneuvering. Also, take time for group stretches beforehand to reduce the risk of pain.

Mental: Puzzles

Mental dexterity is just as important as physical dexterity for all seniors, including those with arthritis. Also, if you have a memory care section within your retirement community, puzzles can help people with dementia.

Putting together puzzles is a great hobby for mental exercise, and doing so in groups provides excellent socialization opportunities. To accommodate individuals with arthritis that affects their hands, provide large-format puzzles at your retirement community. This ensures people of all abilities can participate in this mental and social activity.

Creative: Macrame

Creative hobbies can unite the physical and mental hobbies that people love and give them an opportunity to make something new. One of the best creative hobbies for people with arthritis is macrame. When comparing macrame to tatting and other creative hobbies such as crocheting and knitting, macrame is the winner for many seniors.

This is because macrame doesn’t require the creator to hold shuttles, hooks, or needles, which is painful for many people with arthritis. Instead, macrame uses large yarn or thread that your seniors can easily knot with their hands. The act of knotting improves physical dexterity and mental focus, so they’ll still get all the benefits of more traditional knotting and weaving hobbies without the physical ailments.

These fun hobbies for seniors with arthritis give your retirement community the opportunity to include more people in your regular activities. Poll your community members to get a better idea of what activities they’d like to participate in and how their health affects their participation level. This will help you create a more inclusive, considerate schedule in the future.